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The Fleet



The Fleet is scheduled to launch this Wednesday(4/16) and will be available on the Amazon Kindle, B&N Nook, Kobo and paperback. It’s a direct continuation of the Gunship Series and follows Dalton James as he leads survivors away from the plague of mankind. It has been a long time coming and this entry will certainly not disappoint fans of the series. As always, I appreciate your continued support!

Welcome to life in orbit. After a plague surges out of control, the infected begin to overrun humanity’s cities one by one. Forcing those who survive to take orbit. Commander Dalton James has walked many paths. Most of them in search of whiskey.

As the fleet discovers a brand new race and its horrible secret, however, Dalton may just be the right man for the job. A rugged brown coat to his back and revolver hanging from his side, Dalton James is in no mood for games.
He’s always had a distaste for the undead and it just so happens that Dalton is wearing his shit-kicking boots. It’s about to be on as high-tech weaponry clashes with the zestful tongue of a man who’s had enough.

Giveaway Tag

Here’s the deal. I don’t give out eBook readers the same way most authors do, because, well, I’m not like other authors. I like to spin in my own direction. Still, I understand that bloggers and readers enable me to continue my true passion and I believe in paying it forward.

Introducing the Giveaway Tag. On the splash page of my website( is a dog tag with the name of a character, along with a specific number. Visit the page often as the dog tag will change on a regular basis. Then follow me on Twitter(@johndavisbooks) as I will randomly ask for a character’s number. It may be from a dog tag posted on my website just a week before, or I may ask for a character’s number that was posted last year! Crazy, right? The first person to reply to my tweet with the correct number wins free loot. Usually a signed paperback, though I may throw in some printed flats of covers or a t-shirt instead. Just whatever I have laying around this old desk of mine.

It’s as easy as keeping an eye on my website, following my official Twitter and replying as quickly as you can. No random giveaway for an eBook reader that you likely already have. So let the games begin folks!



Available Now!

Just a quick video featuring my new book in paper. Yep, my bookshelf actually fell during the filming of this baby.

Guess Who’s Back!



Yes folks, I’m back! Well, I didn’t really go anywhere, though I’ve been locked out of my WordPress account since June of last year. I tried all of the avenues available to us common author folk. Resetting it via email, pleading with them via Twitter and even burning candles and doing a funny dance. Well, it wasn’t all that funny.


The point is, when I “left” WordPress, I was working hard on the third Gunship book as well as promoting Zombietown. I’m sad to report that Zombietown didn’t make it to the finish line. I know a lot of people were counting the days, but as I neared the end it just didn’t read well for me. It’s not something I would have proudly put out there for readers, so it was shelved. Maybe one day, who knows?

I did manage to finish Gunship #3 – 6. I also put together a #2 and #3 in the Guardian Angel series, wrote a fantastic short story called The Colony and just tied up book 1 of The Fleet(it’s been sent off for editing). Yes folks, I went out and fetched an editor. He’s good too. Currently I’m about 10% in on book 1 of Immortal, which is a fantasy series that is shaping up to be epic. So, although WordPress seems to think I’ve been sitting on my hands doing nothing for almost a (expletive) year, I’ve been hard at it. Doing what I can to build a core group of readers.

For those of you keeping score, things are going very well from a writing standpoint. I’ve learned so much over the past year and sales continue to climb. I even had a Guardian Angel book hit #2 in its category, briefly, which is fantastic. I’ll be doing a lot more blogging/ranting now that I actually know the password to get in here. Thanks for sticking around guys and gals!


Falling Skies


So, I finally dove in. As my readers may or may not already know, I’m behind the times when it comes to what’s on TV. Part of it is that I write books for a living, and don’t want ideas bouncing around in my head that may influence my work, and part of it is that I’m just so busy. But every now and again, I actually have free time to watch the tube…er flat-screen.

Immediately, as I began diving into the series, two things hit me. Spielberg’s influence was evident and the show was everything the recent show V promised to be. And as a science fiction author, I normally don’t go out of my way to point out the greatness in other science fiction work. I don’t mean that harshly, it just kills me to see something creative that I didn’t think of!

The harness. Wow, to me this is a very original concept, and done perfectly on the show. I also like the mix of mech and flesh aliens, not to mention my attention was captured as I quickly began to wonder why the children? I haven’t made it very far into the series, so if they’ve already revealed that hook, please forgive me. I’m still a bit of a Falling Skies newbie.

In closing, if you haven’t checked this show out before, I highly suggest it. That is if science fiction is your thing. If it isn’t your cup of tea, well, that’s a sickness my friend. My wife is striken with it as well. Though it’s one of my life goals to break her of it and convince her that science fiction can be fun! And Falling Skies may just help push her along. Great show!

My Newest Addiction

As if I needed one, right? The XFL. Yep, that quirky football league back in 2001 that lasted a single season behind the iron fist of Vince McMahon of the WWE. Still here?

Good, because I’d love to explain how this now defunct football league dragged me back in.

For starters, 2001 was a terrible year of most living in the United States because of the September 11 terrorist attacks. For me(Sept 11 aside) it was a great year. I had the opportunity to marry the woman of my dreams, move into our first place together and take the vacation of a lifetime with several friends. In fact, most of the year was filled with life-moments that I will never forget. And I remember prepping for the XFL launch back then with my soon to be father-in-law, both of us foaming at the mouth in anticipation.

Recently, I got into EBAY(the wife did, and dragged me in with her). After a bit of tinkering, I decided to pull up some XFL memorabilia. I mean EBAY is full of it right? Wrong. There were only a handful of items, which blindsided me. I couldn’t understand why there were more copies of Battlefield Earth than relics from a major professional football league. So I began digging.

The deeper I went, the more I found out it is almost like the XFL didn’t exist. One fan site, a few press releases on its demise and a few YouTube videos. That’s it! And, be it the lack of sleep or need for whiskey, it really affected me. It’s almost as if the greatest year of my life faded away with it. So the scramble was on.

My entire writing desk has been wiped clean of Star Wars, and awaits everything I can find with the XFL logo. Regardless of what people(the few who remember it) think of the league, I enjoyed it greatly. Bartenders and limo drivers playing on TV for five-thousand dollars a game. It was classic! I’ll keep chugging along, buying from EBAY as I go. Who knows, maybe one day I’ll even find the time to post a second fan site of the league that has become my passion outside of writing.

For those who don’t know about the XFL, it was big news that quickly took a backseat following the Sept. 11 attacks, and understandably so. But I’ll be damned if I let terrorists take away the XFL from history!

Kindle Fire vs. Nook Tablet



If you enjoy reading as much as I do, chances are you’ve asked yourself this question more than once. Which eBook reader stacks up better? Allow me to offer a streamlined rundown of both tablets, while offering you the need-to-know information!


It’s the most popular reader on the market, and with good reason. Amazon offers several different versions of the Fire, allowing you to grab one based on your preferences when it comes to memory and display. If you’re already an Amazon Prime member, the Kindle Fire is a no-brainer. It will allow you to stream the free video service that Amazon is already making available to you. The Kindle Fire also offers the most selection when it comes to eBooks, including a vast amount of freebies. Many authors have started publishing to the KDP Select program, which means their digital work is exclusive to the Kindle.

In fact, after using the Kindle Fire, I found the interface to be easy to navigate and had but a single complaint. The construction seemed to be a bit weak as compared to the Nook Tablet. That gripe aside, there is simply no way you can go wrong with the Kindle Fire, though I strongly suggest grabbing a protective case at the time of purchase.


As mentioned before, this tablet feels more sturdy out of the box. The screen seemed to be just a bit better in terms of being glare-free, and though B&N claims their tablet has a longer battery life, it must be so small of a plus that it wasn’t even noticeable. At least not to me. It performed well, and my only gripe with the Nook Tablet(or any Nook for that matter) is that the selection of books is far below what it is on the Kindle Fire. Most of the best-selling books seemed to be here, but a lot of the highly-popular reads were found exclusively on the Kindle.

This may not be a huge deal to most readers, but for those of you that feel selection is king, the Nook Tablet just falls short. I did, however, find the associates in-store(Barnes & Noble) to be very helpful when explaining the Nook Tablet, and the idea of being able to take a Nook to them with technical problems was a plus. You’re also able to connect to their WiFi for free, and even download a free book while in-store, which seemed like a neat incentive.


I don’t feel that either tablet would be a bad purchase, but I would recommend the Kindle Fire if being asked directly. Better selection, more free books available and a more popular product in general. Most likely for good reason. If you’re ready to join the eBook reading world, you can click the banner below to find the perfect reader(I personally own one) and grab it at a discounted price! A little thank you for checking out my blog :)




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