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August 10, 2012



Welcome to my world! I’m just a regular guy who is enjoying life, extremely happy and I also happen to write books for a living. If you’re looking for the average author draped in a golf shirt that has the smile of a politician, look elsewhere. I’m anything but that. Outside of writing, I’m a man of family, faith and friendship. I’ll take a shirt filled with tribal designs and skulls over a gator logo anytime. I’m big on tattoos, Evanescence and spending time at our family’s countryside getaway. No internet, no distractions and all kinds of time to focus on what’s truly important in life.

I don’t write for money, prestige or any of the ridiculous reasons I’ve heard other writers give. I write for a living because it makes me happy. No amount of money compares to landing a great book review. It lets me know that an idea which spawned inside of my head actually entertained someone else, and that’s an awesome feeling. I offer several free books and if you hate them, you hate them. In the event that you enjoy reading one of the freebies, there are several more to choose from. I appreciate your support of my work, the time you spent checking out my website and the fact that you read. So many people have forgotten how awesome the experience of reading can be. As children, society presses us to use imagination. As adults, society does what it can to force us into growing up and shelving our imagination. My advice, never grow up.


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