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October 16, 2012


Release date: November 1st!

I am very excited about the launch of this brand new series! In fact, unlike any series I’ve published before, I’m actually planning some type of launch party. I will be doing a blog tour as the release date closes in, as well as a huge giveaway of signed photo flats, paperback books and other Zombietown related stuff. So please, help me spread the word by sharing this blog on Facebook or sending it out on Twitter. A series is only as good as the supporters who make it happen. You guys and gals rock!

The Northern Flu outbreak was devastating. And though our government joined most others in denying the severity of the epidemic, people learned of the truth with their own eyes.

As we began to trade busy streets for mass graves, it became clear that the NF1 virus was the plague which would end mankind. We were wrong.

As doctors scrambled to find any possible sign of a cure, NFA(Northern Flu Antivirus) was released into the general population. It was supposed to save our world by destroying the virus of our time.

Instead, it began to do things to those who had injected it. Terrible things. Of the 27 percent of our world’s population that had survived the outbreak of NF1, 20 percent had taken the NFA vaccine.

We began hearing stories of the vaccinated changing into something inhuman. Zombies by nearly every definition. They weren’t officially dead, but carried most of the traits. All forms of communication were lost to them. They felt no pain, while seeming to live a life which concentrated on rage and mindless killing.

Our world was left with 7 percent. The amount of humans who had shown signs of immunity to the NF1 virus while refusing or having no access to the vaccine. So few of us remaining to deal with such a large number of infected.

As with any global epidemic, panic had set in. Governments began to struggle for power, sometimes within themselves. Factions of survivors formed, some for the purpose of protection, others for the purpose of taking what they damn well wanted.

And Zombietown was formed. Known as Freedom Place before the outbreak, which is damned ironic, the apartment complex in Detroit became our home. We did our best to fortify Zombietown. And as the struggle for survival grows by the hour, so does our resolve to remain human.

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