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And then there was one.

January 23, 2013


If you’ve visited the Gunship Portal lately, you’ve already heard that the sixth and final book of the series is scheduled to release in July. Legendary, which will be a full-length novel written by both myself and Sage Miller, is the equivalent to the two-hour finale to a series that has been going for quite some time.

I wanted to personally thank each and every person who has supported this fantastic series, either by purchasing a copy or helping to spread the word. The decision to close the series down wasn’t made easily, but I’ve got a new series in the works. It’s already been signed on as a trilogy, and will require all of my time and effort. Likewise, my good friend Sage has ambitions of writing in different genres, and Gunship was an all or nothing brand. We both refuse to give it only partial attention, which is why it’s coming to a halt.

Legendary will be just that, Legendary. We’re pulling all the stops in order to give fans closure, while doing the characters justice. Again, thank you all. I mean that. This story of ragtag personalities was able to eclipse two highly publicized Star Wars novels in 2012, albeit briefly. None of which would have been possible without tremendous support from such a rabid group of fans. And also, not a bad way to enter the game of writing. With the close of Gunship comes the close of my ‘Rookie Campaign’ as well. And just wait until you see what I have planned for my Sophomore Campaign.

Gunship(Book I)Glimmeria(Book II)Reflections(Book III)Geartown(Book IV)Roman(Book V)

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