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Gunship: Book I    Kindle   Nook   Kobo  iTunes

Gunship: Book II Glimmeria   Kindle   Nook   Kobo  iTunes

Gunship: Book III Refelections   Kindle   Nook   Kobo  iTunes

Gunship: Book IV Gears & Spears   Kindle   Nook  iTunes

Gunship: Book V Legendary   Kindle   Nook

Gunship: Book VI The Afterworlds  Kindle  Paperback

Gunship: The Omnibus Edition   Kindle   Nook   Kobo   iTunes  Paperback

It’s western saloons and Vampires in this outer space adventure! When a captain and his crew of wily smugglers take on a high-risk job, they soon find themselves in the middle of interstellar war. The Gunship series has picked up a huge following, thanks to its unique races and outstanding humor.


Zombie Cowboys I: The Arrival  Kindle  Nook

Zombie Cowboys II: Manhunt (Coming Soon)

“Steampunk just got its ass kicked!”

This is not a story of humanity’s survival during the plague of mankind. This is about our lives over a century after the Mortakin Virus decimated a world we once knew. Humanity has survived, though the Zombies remain. Cities built atop towers and mountaintops. Entire civilizations living aboard barges at sea. We’ve adapted well to sharing our world with those infected by a virus in which we have no cure.


The Fleet: Book I   Kindle   Nook   Kobo  iTunes

The Fleet: Blood War: Kindle  Nook  Kobo  iTunes

The Fleet: Chaotic Worlds: Kindle  Nook

A continuation of the Gunship series, The Fleet centers around fan favorite, Dalton James. A new race of beings arrives and they keep a horrible secret. Dalton James will have to lead humanity against the Viscion and he’s in no mood for games. With a brown duster to his back, revolver by his side and flask of whiskey in hand, his shit-kicking boots are about to be dusted off.


Guardian Angel: Book I   Kindle   Nook   Kobo  iTunes

Guardian Angel: The Berlin War   Kindle   Nook   Kobo  iTunes

Guardian Angel: Days of Ruin   Kindle   Nook   Kobo  iTunes

Guardian Angel: The Trilogy   Kindle   Nook   Kobo  iTunes   Paperback

When an ancient race returns to our planet in the year 2087, once again they plan to harvest most of humanity as a food source. This time, however, they find that humanity has grown stronger than ever. Our hero is nothing short of perfect in combat, although her personal life is a complete mess.


The Colony   Kindle   Nook   Kobo  iTunes

The Colony: Bravo Company Kindle

The Colony is a short story that lists as science fiction/horror. It’s a quick, action-packed ride with an ending that will stick with you long after the story is over.


Lost City(Atlantis)  Kindle  Nook

The lost city of Atlantis is real. As Lieutenant Josh Pierce discharges from the military following eight tough years of service, he comes home to find his life turned upside down. Shortly after, strangers arrive to volunteer Josh for a meeting with the newly-formed Atlantis team.

Unlike anything you’ve read before, Lost City is a story of love, deception and exploration, all tied into a city that thrived thousands of years before our own civilization. As the mission of the Atlantis team slowly unfolds miles beneath ocean, Josh begins to wonder who he can actually trust?
Only one thing is evident. Someone is lying.

Next Up: Zombie Cowboys II: Manhunt, Resistance, Gunship: Freedom Blade

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  1. I just read the Fleet book one, great read, funny thing I read “the colony” prior and did realize that it was the same author….very cool!

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