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Magic Carpet

March 25, 2013

“I want to give a special thanks to John for inviting me to share our blog posts. I have posted John’s blog to my webpage at John has a more informative blog whereas mine is just ghost stories. Please enjoy!”


On Halloween, 2000, a “ghost” fleet of 14 boats were found in the middle of the Egyptian desert. The archeologists who uncovered the boats noted something very odd. The boats were sealed in white plaster and buried deep in the ground; much like a grave. It appears that whoever buried the boats either truly feared advanced technology or wanted us (future generations) to fear the technology.

Last summer, a group of students from a California college attempted to use a kite to lift a large stone obelisk. Is this the lost technology of the ancients? They gathered in the California desert to test the ancient technology. If proven, it would appear that fewer people would be called upon to build the pyramids. Using fewer people and lifting technology solves a great number of problems that plagued the previous theories; how could a pyramid be constructed in 20 years, and/or provide for tens of thousands of workers.

Since the last ice age, human civilization thrived to about 1,000 BC, about the age of King Solomon. King Solomon was given a magic carpet by the Queen of Sheba. Since about that time, human urbanization had been plagued by civil unrest. In addition, environmental instability (floods, famine, and overpopulation) required societies to legislate themselves. Conflicting societies fought wars. Fear proved to be the most effective means of legislation. Stories were told of demons, technologies were buried, and God was responsible for everything that was unknown.

Ancient humans left us stone monuments, inscriptions, and art; but the building techniques and tools have been lost or destroyed. The heavy stones were transported from quarries to building sites and mysteriously lifted into place. Recent translation of ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics appears more like acronyms and emoticons than stories of gods and kings. The Rosetta stone written in 200 BC is a key to deciphering Egyptian hieroglyphics, but it was written thousands of years after the last dynasty.

There is evidence of numerous canals constructed in ancient Egypt. Recognizing that ancient humans were accomplished sailors and shipbuilders, it is possible (and likely) that nautical technology was modified for land use. The wheel is largely considered an industrial age invention. Call it a land boat, kite sled, or magic carpet, it didn’t need wheels.

In college, I pledged a fraternity. During initiation, the active members locked us up in the shower before the third degree ritual. They played chanting music and every half hour or so, Magic Carpet Ride by Steppenwolf. It became our theme song and we all went crazy when it was played at our dances. I still have the penny loafers with holes worn in the souls from dancing on the chapter room floor.

When my children were younger, I would place them on a pillow and ran around the house yelling, “Magic carpet ride!” Each child would get a turn. I would pile up pillows on the bed. Up and down the hallways we would run, then into the bedroom for the final toss into the air. My children would immediately bounce up and climb back on the pillow and say, “Do it again!”

Last summer, in the California desert with a steady 20 mile per hour wind, the students gathered to test the magic carpet. With one gigantic puff, the kite arose. Tethered to the top of the obelisk through a tower, the heavy stone was lifted. Not since the time of King Solomon, had this technology been used in this way. The legend indicates that the king refused the gift and possibly buried it in the desert. Loud cheers rose from the students; they had proved that the magic carpet is real!

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