I’m Heading Out to Film #SCL


As I sit here with a stack of bags packed next to me, I’m wondering what I’ve gotten myself into. Several months ago, I was a bunny’s hair away from being cast on Surviving Reelfoot, but I just couldn’t justify driving to the other side of Tennessee and being away from my family for an entire week. 

As I was gaming with my closest friend one day, I let him know the deal. His reply? “I could put together a better show man, trust me. I’ve got all the equipment we need. Claytor Lake is nearby.” He also hit me with a bunch of technical terms that I, to this day, know nothing about. But here we are.

Will it compete with the other Survivor fan-made projects on YouTube? I don’t know. What I do know is that I’m about to set off on what should be an epic adventure. Nine cameras covering two remote campsites and, on the third and final day of filming (er, surviving), we merge together and take the Claytor Lake Festival by storm. Meaning yes, we’ll be filming our final day among an expected crowd of 15,000 people. 

The lives of ten people (some family, others friends who are like family) including myself will be captured on video for 72 very tough hours. Will I find myself on Team Drake (Yellow), Team Hantz (Blue), or Team Kaos (Black)? You’ll have to subscribe to the official #SCL YouTube channel to find out!


Dalton James Lives

OK, I’m halfway through the rough draft of REDD 2 and Dalton James has arrived. No, he’s not here to steal the show, but he’s found a way to creep in and give longtime Gunship fans what they crave. Actually, this is more like Dalton James circa Heroes, as he’s Magic Valley’s finest detective in 1997, but no matter! The whiskey hoarding tough guy is back!


Dalton James and I have a unique arrangement. You see, he pops in and out whenever he damn well pleases and I simply document the experience. That’s how writing works – that how the character finds his way to the page; Dalton sits next to me at the kitchen table, drinks whiskey, smokes (far) too often, and offers a story or two from time to time. When he does offer up his adventurous lore, I strike gold. When he doesn’t say a word, I end up writing my tail off, only to have my story crash and burn. I stress. He laughs. “Daring not to give a damn.” as he likes to call it.

Point is, this pulp legend has now staggered his way into the REDD universe and (pending Patrick Prejusa’s blessing), Dalton James’ adventures will continue with a spin-off series that is set in Magic Valley 1997. Wouldn’t that be something? Dalton thinks that it would. In fact, he’s here, right now, demanding that I tell you that. 

Either way, as I’m mere days from spending half a week out in the woods as a cast member of Survivor Claytor Lake (and hopefully winning!), my future in fiction is also front and center. Gunship isn’t my legacy after all. Dalton James is. He told me to say that, too.




I’m streamlining my online presence, folks! Summer officially begins (in this house) tomorrow afternoon, and between college, writing the sequel to REDD, and helping to produce Survivor: Claytor Lake (#SCL), my plate is pretty full. So I’ve decided to shutter some of my online accounts, including my YouTube page. Obviously, I’ll keep Twitter (until I hand it off to my kids in a couple of years), but pretty much everything else is up in the air at this point.

Long story short: my endgame is to hand everything over to my kids at some point, as they love technology and I pretty much despise it. My daughter has expressed interest in writing and if that continues, I can see a time when I show her what she needs to know, hand her the rights to all of my previous work, and let her have at it.

I’ll continue to write because that’s what I love to do, but the rest of it just isn’t for me. All of the social media, marketing, etc. – I can live without that side of the business.



Hello Summer


Summer is quickly approaching and that means different things for different people. In my life, it’s a pretty big deal. I’m finally in that college journalism class (I’ve been waiting for that), I have the summer to finish novelizing the sequel to the motion picture REDD (I’ve waited five years for that), and I’m teaming up with a friend to produce a fan-made show called Survivor: Claytor Lake. Yep, I’be been waiting on that one too. I’m also celebrating seventeen years of marriage to my wonderful wife, heading to the most epic concert of all-time, and planning a massive family vacation.

But there’s something else, something very exciting: We’ll be returning to a small down just west of here – a place that we randomly visited one day and fell in love with. A place with the most beautiful duck pond you’ve ever seen. The people are friendly, and the town’s only coffee shop is, quite possibly, the coolest place that I’ve ever visited. In fact, I even wrote a short story called Brookhaven, which is based on this forgotten little piece of heaven. This summer, we not only return to visit, but also to look at houses for sale. 

Yep, it’s going to be a great summer.


Farewell, Klout


Yesterday I heard that Klout is officially closing its virtual doors. During its heyday, Klout was a pretty cool experience in that they sent me all kinds of free stuff for being an “influencer”. In 2018 I still don’t know what they meant by that term, how they averaged our online Klout score, or why gift cards for fast food chains were gifted to people who had been deemed “experts” in the online arena of publishing. All I know is that I spent said gift cards on a lot of coffee and checked my score from time to time.

After a year or so, Klout ended their perks program and I quit being interested. Don’t judge. I started buying my own coffee again and Klout began judging people’s influence across the internet with zero incentive for people to care. This month they are shutting down.

Klout, you had a good run. Now, as you drift off into the digital graveyard (I still miss Netscape Navigator) I thought it would be fitting if I left a blog post dedicated to you. It’s the least I can do. Having you deem me an expert in four different categories will never compare to my DAD OF THE YEAR mug, but it’s still pretty cool.


That Red Motorcycle

Suzuki Hayabusa Modified bikes

As I sit here novelizing the sequel to the movie R.E.D.D., something cool is about to happen. Director Patrick Prejusa really wanted a motorcycle chase scene in the original film, but it just wasn’t possible at the time. Right now, Patrick’s having a tough time with his health (but continues to be positive, which is one of the reasons I respect the guy). I thought it’d be really cool to put that motorcycle scene into this novel and the bike, a red Hayabusa, of course, is a perfect fit for Agent R.E.D.D.

I’ve been around the Hayabusa quite a bit and I know what it can do. In case you aren’t familiar, this thing handles completely different than your typical motorcycle. Plus, its sound is second to none. So I anticipate that this will be one (of many) great spots in this upcoming novel.

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The R.E.D.D. Movie Canon


We’re hard at work on developing the R.E.D.D. canon. I’ve been reading your emails and working closely with R.E.D.D.’s Patrick Prejusa, and I can assure you that cool things are on the horizon. We’re taking a look at everything from comic books to officially licensed merchandise. Ultimately the decisions are Patrick’s to make, but I do know that he’s working hard to make a comic book happen, and he also wants to expand the R.E.D.D. universe. As for the sequel (R.E.D.D. – Through the Rabbit Hole), things are well underway. I’m about six thousand words in and that’s growing by the day. It will undergo a massive editing process, be placed in a fancy cover, at which time the launch of this book will shake the publishing world at its core.

Thanks for your continued support as we grow this franchise!

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