What’s next for the Gunship/Fleet series? When the upcoming Gunship: Skyfall releases, we’ll learn about the survival lottery and the exodus fleet. In short, those who lose the survival lottery will be left behind, forced to survive in any manner they can as darkness engulfs the Skyla System. Their story will be told in future Gunship serials whereas The Fleet will follow those who won the survival lottery and now search for a brand new home.

This project has been a huge undertaking on my part. It’s required me to sit down and basically map out the entire Skyla System, along with each ship in the exodus fleet. Splitting this franchise into two stories has been my plan since 2012, when I first realized that I was onto something.

I hope you enjoy the upcoming ride as much I do. You and I have built this franchise into a thing of beauty, dear reader. Now…to the future.


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