Today will go down as one of the better weeks in my writing career. Not only did I make the decision to shun the Walmart of social media (Facebook, for those who are wondering) but I’m proud to announce that I’ll begin work on a series for G.I. Joe! No, this won’t appear in your local comics shop (good thing, as I can’t draw), but it’s still fantastic news!
I’ve always been a fan. I can remember patiently waiting it out for allowance day to arrive as a kid. One issue of Savage Sword of Conan and one issue of G.I. Joe later – I was officially broke again. But man was it worth it! Now I have the opportunity to take these characters in whatever direction I choose¬†and even create a few new ones! G.I. frigging Joe!
The downside here is that my royalties will be split more ways than a zebra’s back. So for those of you who continue to get my work out there on social media, I really appreciate it. Without you folks I would starve. That said, I haven’t been this excited about writing in a very long time!
Finally, I want to give a quick thank you to everyone who was following me over on Facebook. It was rarely updated (as I’m sure you know) and keeping the page open was an insult to anyone who truly wanted to stay up-to-date. Social media in general is a time-suck and I’d rather spend the time writing. But you can always sign up for my once a month newsletter. Until next time. Go Joe! -JD