Gunship launched in June of 2011 and was my very first book. This old dog has learned plenty of tricks since then and let’s face it, a second edition is long overdue. I’m proud to announce that I’m working on that. This is a complete rewrite, meaning that much of it will be different, though the bones will remain. Amanda Elizabeth (Sarah) will again grace the cover. It’s just (in my opinion) a much better piece of art.
The first edition is still available, but will soon be replaced. If you love to collect my work, you’ll certainly want a copy. And for those of you who snagged one of the paperbacks (only 100 were produced) – this one’s for you!


Prints are coming! The first book is right on schedule and will release on 1/1/2017 in both paperback and eBook formats. Along with the release, prints will be available (hopefully signed). Several of you have asked for prints in the past and what’s better than zombie art, right?



Legal Terms
DEAD and its characters are trademarks of John M. Davis and Serenity Valley Publishing. All rights reserved.  We are not affiliated with any other zombie franchise. If you would like a copy of these terms, please grab paper and a pencil and begin copying. If you enjoy the humor depicted above, we feel that you’re going to love the DEAD series.