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My upcoming novel Wicked Dead is now in the editing and beta reading stages, and I anticipate that it will hit the Kindle Scout program sometime this summer. I want to keep you folks up-to-date as much as possible in the meantime. This story clocks in at around 51,000 words and follows a group of survivors through the first two weeks of the zombie apocalypse. In fact, a very early version of the first week (this was originally planned as 2 novellas) is available right now! Just in case you want to give it a test run. What excites me the most about this story is its characters, and of course the zombies (known as the wicked).

While my editor is busy slinging ink and my top beta reader is hard at work on improving Wicked Dead, I’m settling in to begin work on another science fiction story. It’s time to add a third series to Gunship and The Fleet. Once I’ve gotten everything sketched out on this end, I’ll post plenty of details.

As always, thanks for your support!

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