For a limited time, the Complete Gunship saga is available for only half the price! It’s the legion of Vampires against the ragged Gunship crew and its lovable space captain. Gunship has been compared to Firefly, Battlestar Galactica and even Discworld. Now, all 8 books are available to readers in a single download. Grab it before its gone.



Along the way, I’ve been blessed with a great following of readers who continue to support my work. As a thank you for stopping by, the 3 books above are currently free and each one is the first book in its respective series. Click any of them to get started.


I’m also a member of the LFL as a part of its writing staff. My stories and interviews appear on  LFLUS.COM,, FuseTV and even in some of the gameday programs sold to fans. I’m passionate about the league, and its players are putting out one hell of a football product. Be sure to check them out.



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