John Davis’ new series, Reign of the Dead, is coming this winter! Originally intended to be a weapon of war, the Mortakin Virus spread uncontrollably across our planet. Some people simply died, but for others, the infection brought about horrible changes. Now, for the very small percentage of people who proved genetically immune to the virus, a fight for survival continues almost fifteen years later.

This isn’t your typical Zombie series. Prepare for airships, deception, cities atop barges at sea, love, and, of course…Zombies. The typical mindless biter isn’t a threat on its own. In packs, they’re more than capable of running even the best survivor down. Especially if they’re backed by an Alpha. They are the stronger variety and possess the ability to reason. Alphas like to hunt their prey and do so in ruthless fashion.

Welcome to a world where dying is the new normal and a custom wooden peacemaker is usually the best line of defense. Know your enemy. Pack heat. Have a plan. That’s the creed and it’s the only way you walk out alive.

Reign of the Dead begins this winter!



Along the way, I’ve been blessed with a great following of readers who continue to support my work. As a thank you for stopping by, the 3 books above are currently free and each one is the first book in its respective series. Click any of them to get started.



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