I’m to the halfway mark on DEAD (book 1)! So far, it’s shaping up to an excellent mix of survival, gore and humor. For those of you who’re unfamiliar with DEAD, it will be an ongoing zombie horror series which takes place during the current day. What separates this series from the thousands of The Walking Dead clones is the fact that these zombies occasionally evolve. That means there are alpha males (and females) who can reason and even speak, making them seriously dangerous. Oh, and in some cases, people’s DNA allow them to become half-infected. Sometimes they remain human enough to fight for the survival of humanity. Or, is that only a ploy of the alpha species? This new rendition of zombie goodness launches on 1/1/2017!

Also, official prints are coming! Along with the release, beautiful prints will be available. I’ll be signing these (as will the artist). We hope to offer several prints, including main characters and even a few of the higher-end bad guys. What’s better than zombie art, right?



On the science fiction front, I’ve effectively cancelled every series I’ve written beyond Gunship and The Fleet, which are currently being rebranded. The Gunship franchise will release under a brand new name (and look) on 1/1/2017 and The Fleet will follow shortly thereafter. I know this is a blow to some fans. Especially those of you who’ve supported Atlantis and EMMA. I’m considering going back in and altering the endings of each book in order to give a feeling of closure.
If you’re wondering about signed prints, that’s still undecided. I am happy to announce that each of the Gunship books will also release under their brand new identity in paperback. And yes, I’ll be offering signed versions on a very limited basis.


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