An Update from the Ponderosa 8/27/19
Don’t worry folks, I’m writing. My college studies continue, I’m busy mending a broken arm (not mine, catch the next podcast), and I have my fingers crossed that an actual roll top desk is on my birthday gift list. At least that’s the rumor. I’m also knee-deep in reading the Dark Tower series by Stephen King.
Yep, work continues on my upcoming novel Dark Island. While writing this past Friday I realized that a name change was in order. This project is taking on a life of its own, so to speak, and I now find myself along for the ride. I cannot stress enough how interesting these characters are. Sure, the setting (1980s) is fantastic and who doesn’t love a good alien invasion, right? These characters, though, they have my heart.
I can’t give you too much information, dear reader, it wouldn’t be fair. Instead, I will assure you that Dark Island will be in your hands by the end of 2019. I have a couple of trusted friends working on merchandise (or “merch”, as my son calls it) that will launch alongside the book. I’ve grown as an author and this is a grown-up effort. Dark Island is, well, a dark story about characters who struggle during an alien invasion in the 1980s. These aliens aren’t your garden variety – they aren’t lizards, or robots, or little green men. That’s been done to death. Dark Island will be a breath of fresh air to the genre as much as it has been a breath of fresh air to my career. Godspeed. -JD
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