John Macallan Davis – Science Fiction Writer

11/22/2016 – Farewell 2016!

This has been a crazy year, no doubt. In terms of writing, I finally feel comfortable saying that I’ve officially turned the corner. I’m beginning to understand things that I honestly didn’t understand this time a year ago. Plus, I haven’t been locked out of my WordPress account all year – yay!

I’ve discovered my new favorite place, which is a very small coffee shop in Narrows, Virginia called the Blue Moon Coffee Shop. This place is picturesque and truthfully, I’ve never felt so at home. Needless to say, the wife loves this place, too, and we are hoping to eventually move there.

I almost died, or at least I thought I was dying. Fortunately for me it was something else, and even though I’m going to be a different person from now on, I’m also very excited to be alive.

I’ve released several books this year and I’m proud of them all (even the romance novella). But my proudest moment of 2016 is without a doubt enrolling in college to major in history. I not only laugh when I think about my high school getting the request for transcripts, but I guarantee you that there’s still a chalk outline right where the person fell down where he or she stood. Just a bit more proof of how much I’ve evolved in the past few years.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, I’ve rediscovered my love for writing. I often think of Stephen King as the greatest writer of our era, though we disagree on pretty much everything else. I do respect the man’s talent. He believes that you should be honest when writing – that’s the secret. For a long time I wasn’t honest. I found myself writing what others were asking for, rather than writing what was inside of me. Those days are over. Writing is fun again!

If I have any parting shots for the year 2016, I’d say that it’s been both hard and worthwhile. This year has taught me that nothing comes easy. Often times, you find yourself fighting what seems like an unwinnable fight. But unwinnable only happens if you quit. Keep fighting, and eventually you’ll find yourself accomplishing things that you never believed were possible. Now bring on 2017!

And remember, I have a brand new superhero novella and two books that are available for pre-order. Just in case you make a habit of supporting starving authors.