John M. Davis is the best-selling author of the Gunship series, a military science fiction adventure. He’s also penned favorites among readers, including the Guardian Angel series, Lost City and Zombie Cowboys.

After attending school for personal training, John decided to pursue a career based on his lifelong passion of reading. He began writing Gunship in hopes of entertaining readers above all else, writing in a style that he had always enjoyed reading. Producing work that was fast-reading and filled with action was a gamble that paid off, bringing John three #2 overall spots for Kindle science fiction(Gunship, The Colony, The Fleet). John continues to write full-time and currently lives in the mountains of Virginia with his beautiful wife and two children. Outside of writing, his obsessions include Montreal Canadiens hockey, fitness and World War 2.

You can contact John on Twitter- @johndavisbooks.

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  1. John,
    If I may introduce myself, I am the loving wife of a new science fiction author, John Murphy.

    His novel, Mission Veritas is a military Sci-fi work to be released this spring. John is reaching out to an audience of 18-30 year old males using an adventure story with video game quality graphics which he does himself.

    Set in the future it raises the questions; Is peace at any cost worth the price? Does appeasement benefit humanity? What will the future look like if the next generation continues to “tune out”?

    We believe YOUR endorsement would help us reach a broader audience expanding the young, curious readership for all of us. Of course, your name, Author of “Your Title” will be displayed and included in all promotions where your endorsement appears.

    The book is currently in final layout with the publisher (Booktrope). The estimated release date is within the next 45-60 days.

    I would be happy to provide you with your choice; the full ARC of the ebook, a 3 page full synopsis that reveals the surprising ending or a brief 3 paragraph overview to assist you with your endorsement.

    We realize you are busy and probably asked repeatedly for things so thank you in advance for your time and consideration. We hope someday other emerging authors will be reaching out to John with just such a request.

    Warm regards,
    Sunny Kobe Cook

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