It’s official. I will be teaming with Patrick Prejusa to bring a sequel to the R.E.D.D. franchise. Work on R.E.D.D. – Through the Rabbit Hole begins on 5/1 and I’m honestly thrilled beyond words. My longtime readers know that I’ve been hoping for this opportunity to show its pretty little face, and destiny never fails to disappoint.

If you have not watched the original motion picture, might I suggest purchasing it on DVD? While I cannot offer any information on the sequel to R.E.D.D., I can say that I’ve read Patrick’s outline for #2 and it is absolutely fantastic! I’ve long considered R.E.D.D. to be the pinnacle of what can be achieved through pure passion and lots of hard work. And I can guarantee you that this passion will be carried over into the sequel.

If you’re familiar with my other work, you already know the story behind Gunship and its sequel Glimmeria. When the first book hit Amazon’s Top Ten list, I began a sequel with one mission in mind: The second book will be even better. The second book eventually peaked at #2, surpassing the original Gunship in both sales and quality. This is the mindset that I now bring to the R.E.D.D. universe.

There are plenty of folks that I’d like to thank, but I’ll thank them in tomorrow’s official live stream on YouTube. For now, know that we’re all about to embark on the most incredible science fiction journey imaginable. Gunship will pale in comparison and, if I have anything to say about it, Star Wars will pale in comparison once the R.E.D.D. franchise is fully realized.


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