Video Games of the 1980’s.

So many of you have asked me to go ahead and blog about video games and their impact on my in the 1980’s.  So it shall be.  For the new generation, I own a PS3 and play it on a regular basis. Love it. That said, if you were born in 1990 or later the following blog may not mean much to you.  As for the rest of us, it strikes a deep sense of the way things used to be.  Here we go.

I’ll be honest, growing up we didn’t have a lot of money.  Instead of scooping up all of the great video games at the time of their release, I was stuck with wondering what a lot of them were like.  Back in the 1980’s you couldn’t Google or Youtube a game.  You went on the occasional magazine, word of mouth from friends and cover art.  I’ve said in an earlier post that Star Wars was the reason I fell in love with science fiction, and that’s the truth.  My roots in writing, however, began with video game cover art from the 1980’s.

As I said before, I really couldn’t afford to rush out and scoop up the new games when they hit the store shelves.  Instead, I would look at the various covers the entire time my Mom was doing the shopping.  Literally memorizing the cover art.  Once at home, I would sketch it back out(which by the way looked terrible) and then begin to write out a short story based on what I thought the game was about.  I guess this qualifies as a beginning in the field of writing, although I never saw myself doing it as a full-time job.

Let’s face it, Atari 2600 put video games on the map and for the most part they were terrible.  Classics aside, Atari 2600 games don’t stand the test of time very well.  That said, some of the the best cover art to date came from that time period.  Swordquest is a prime example.  The game played terrible, moving a stick man through a maze of colored rooms that looked identical.  That’s putting it lightly.  Still, the cover made you feel as though you were engulfed in a blockbuster fantasy movie.

Nintendo came next.  Doing a MUCH better job with game mechanics, a lot of the classics still compete today.  I own an original NES and play the hell out of it on a regular basis.  Contra, Zelda, Mike Tyson’s Punchout and Double Dragon to name a few.  However, the first game to stand out in terms of box art for me was Dragon WarriorI remember playing that game to the bone at my friend’s house.

Always the last kid on the block to get a game, the entire year of 1989 I begged and pleaded my case for the Sega Genesis.  It hadn’t even released yet, but the Sears Catalog had a preview of it(for a paltry $299) and I had to have it!  I’m pretty sure that based on the promised chores I gave back in 1989, I am still in debt to my mom this very day.  My brother and I were the first kids on the block to own one and it was nothing short of badass.  So many classics in Altered Beast, Revenge of Shinobi, Phantasy Star and Moonwalker to name a few.  However the one that stands out to me(cover art people!) was Golden Axe.  I love that game to this day!

The truth is these very games put me on the path to professional writing and I think it shows with the Gunship series on Amazon Kindle.  It took a long time to write it, but it was VERY important to get the cover right.  I sort of felt like I owed it to the covers which had influenced me to begin writing in the first place.  Of course, there were all kinds of things that eventually got me here.  But deep down, I will always know that without the cover art of the 1980’s I would be doing something else.

I could go on for hours about the goodness of video games in the 1980’s.  Cocktail tables with Space Invaders built in, Tron(great movie btw), the first time I used the epic fail known as R.O.B. the robot on the original Nintendo.  What about plugging in a set of headphones to the Sega Genesis, the Turbo Grafx 16 system or my all time favorite. The Sega Master System!  This blog as been a walk in time for me, and I hope everyone reading stops for a moment to remember their favorite 80’s gaming memory.  If so, comment and share it.  Thanks for reading!



Kate Gosselin

It’s a sure bet that even though I have only typed her name, anyone reading this is already going into attack or defend mode.  I know this, because yesterday I tweeted(@johndavisbooks) a complement in her direction and woke this morning to find a lot of hate mail.  I’m serious people, I am used to reading about ten or so emails a day from fans of my Gunship series on Kindle but this morning I ran into a wall of sixty or more.  I had planned on blogging about video games of the 1980’s, but this many trolls fighting for a single flag deserves it’s own blog.

A blog to defend myself and my comment.  Yes, I am among the minority of society in the fact that when I make a comment, I stand beside it no matter what.  If people get offended then they get offended, everyone has an opinion and I refuse to change mine to suit the feelings of others.  Yes, I think Kate Gosselin is an amazing woman.  And yes Twitter trolls, my wife knows this.  I am a one woman man who is madly in love with my wife and she is well aware of the fact.  I also think Kate Beckinsale is amazing(the name Kate, what is up with that?).

Honestly, the fact that so many negative responses flooded my Twitter lets me know a couple of things.  First, for these people to have even found my Tweet, they must be borderline stalking Kate.  Combing through Twitter all hours of the day looking for Tweets directed her way.  I mean, really?  Second, all but one of the comments sported the mighty egg avatar.  This leads me to assume that you are decked out in dirty underwear and sitting in momma’s basement at the time of posting.  Of course the one and only message to have an actual photo consisted of a bearded unicorn, and I’m still not sure what to make of that.

So let me explain my feelings in detail.  Again, Kate Gosselin is an amazing woman.  I have done my best to avoid the forum of public opinion and tabloid rag mags, watching her only in interviews and the such.  I can tell you as a father of two, taking care of eight kids has to be a tough task.  I’m sure she has help, but still it has to be daunting.  Let’s not forget that for a mother of eight she looks amazing!  I’m sure that hate mail will flood in for that last statement, but it is what it is.  I won’t deny the fact that she is a very beautiful woman just to keep the social media trolls at bay.  The other factor in my high opinion of Kate is the following.  If I got so much hate mail for a single comment, I can only imagine what her inbox looks like daily.  For that matter, going anywhere in public when a bulk of society has formed this bitterness of her based on a story they read in Star Magazine.  I couldn’t imagine how tough that would have to be.  Still, she remains the same and moves forward.  A very tough chick!

In closing, “What about those poor kids?” will likely be the big argument from many of you.  I can tell you from my own personal experience, their childhood looks pretty damn good compared to many other children out there.  Mine included.

P.S. My Twitter friend @familystories made me aware of “Women Cards” yesterday.  I had no idea they were for real, but now I’m leaning toward blogging about them next time.


Free Books


Why free? I try to offer as much as I can for free, while still selling enough writing to put food on the table. Some authors are against giving away their work and I totally respect that. However, my name isn’t Stephen King or R.A. Salvatore. I need new readers to discover my work and should they enjoy it, I have plenty more available.

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Star Wars


Afterlife is a brand new series that is built on paper, but won’t hit your favorite eBook reader for some time. It’s also a series that I’m incredibly excited about!

Set in the very distant future, humanity has expanded its reach beyond our own solar system. The colonization of new planets is now commonplace. But we’ve discovered a brand new enemy. Though not as advanced as our own race, the Tenth Column quickly put humanity on its heels through sheer numbers. As we scrambled to save what remained, our scientists discovered GRE(Genetic Reverse Engineering). They could use genetics and reverse engineering to bring the dead back. Within days, GNE therapy could transform the bones of long dead souls into capable soldiers. Opening up the possibility of millions of new soldiers at our disposal.

They would return with most of their memory intact – only to find humanity with its back against the wall. For most, a second chance at life was reward enough to fight humanity’s new enemy. For Benjamin Keller, a second chance at life means finding his wife of a long time ago. Even if it’s forbidden.


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“From the moment I saw the first trailer of REDD, I knew I had to be a part of the franchise. I contacted Patrick and things went from there. He’s an amazing director and we seem to have the same vision when it comes to science fiction. From the standpoint of both author and fan, I can’t wait to sink my teeth into REDD.” -John Davis

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