Star Wars


Afterlife is a brand new series that is built on paper, but won’t hit your favorite eBook reader for some time. It’s also a series that I’m incredibly excited about!

Set in the very distant future, humanity has expanded its reach beyond our own solar system. The colonization of new planets is now commonplace. But we’ve discovered a brand new enemy. Though not as advanced as our own race, the Tenth Column quickly put humanity on its heels through sheer numbers. As we scrambled to save what remained, our scientists discovered GRE(Genetic Reverse Engineering). They could use genetics and reverse engineering to bring the dead back. Within days, GNE therapy could transform the bones of long dead souls into capable soldiers. Opening up the possibility of millions of new soldiers at our disposal.

They would return with most of their memory intact – only to find humanity with its back against the wall. For most, a second chance at life was reward enough to fight humanity’s new enemy. For Benjamin Keller, a second chance at life means finding his wife of a long time ago. Even if it’s forbidden.


3 thoughts on “Star Wars

  1. You are totally correct!
    Every word is exactly how I feel.
    As good written as GunShip(I haven’t gotten the 2nd book yet). BTW that’s something I’d like to see as a movie or even better, a mini series.

    1. Thanks! If you get time it would be great to see that feedback in the Kindle Store so other readers know it’s pretty good. I think of Greedo everytime I hear that song “If I Die young” ha.

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