A list of the people behind DEAD.

John M. Davis – Bestselling author on the Amazon Kindle. @johndavisbooks

Daniél Lecoq – Professional book editor. Zombie survivalist. @galaxycurse

Austin Humphrey – Author. Currently penning the DEAD comic. @m0nkeyfire



A Doctor Who post?

First off, let me just set the record straight. I in no way, shape or form and giving my opinion on Doctor Who(at least not yet). I have landed a lot of messages on Twitter as of late, messages shaming me for openly admitting I have never seen the show Doctor Who. As if that wasn’t shameful enough, I write science fiction for a living. I can’t be a true science fiction fan unless I’ve seen Doctor Who(or so I’m told).

So, based on all of the concerned Twitter folk out there, I took the time today to check out the official Doctor Who website (and in case you haven’t checked out mine, here you go). My first impression is that it looks damn original. I loved the feel of the site, and pride my own writing as being original. It made me want more, so I intend to begin the series this week. I’m starting with the more recent of the Doctor Who series and if that one is as good as I’ve heard, I’m sure I will then jump back in time to the original.

So what exactly is the point of this blog? Great question(you mean you’re still here?). I plan to continue posting to it as I move along in the Doctor Who series. A poor man’s journal entry system if you will. The posts may only come every few day as I am currently finishing up on the third book of my Gunship series, so please bear with me. I just feel that where there is smoke there is usually fire, and when dozens of emails hit my computer telling me this show is great…then it may in fact be.

Until then, if you are out there reading this post and are new to Doctor Who as well, let’s take the journey together. I hope to see some comments here soon. And for any Doctor Who fans out there who have finished the series, consider giving mine a try if you have the time.

Book Report

If you have recently purchased my paperback book Gunship congrats! You now own something very limited, you own a proof copy. Allow me to explain. In most cases, an author will ready his/her book for print and then order a proof copy before sending it out into the world. Not me. I sent it out into the world first, ordering a copy for myself in the process. When sales of the book reach 100, I plan to pull Gunship from print during what I am dubbing the “Re:Launch”. And yes, it has been planned for some time.

I have been working several hours a day on this closely with a graphics artist locally, getting things ready. Want proof? The Gunship: Reflections cover is floating around and making noise. The cover for Gunship: Glimmeria was changed out last night, and the original Gunship cover is undergoing improvements as well. Each book will Re:Launch as it’s own paperback soon.

I wanted my true supporters to own a proof copy of Gunship on paperback. There are still a few left before sales hit 100, but they are moving quickly. I knew from day one that true fans and supporters of the series would jump on the book as soon as it hit print, and owning something truly very limited is my way of saying THANK YOU! If you already own a copy, hang on to it and know that it is the same proof that my own family has for their collection. If not, order you copy now before they are gone. The Re:Launch books will be standard size and mass produced, the version currently offered is a bit more flashy(and includes two books).

Re:Launch plans:

Gunship(standard size paperback) will replace proof version when sales hit 100 as well as ebook format.

Gunship: Glimmeria will go live in standard paperback as well as ebook format.

Gunship: Reflections will go live in standard paperback as well as ebook format.

The Gunship Trilogy will go live in paperback(6×9) and will include several photos, glossed cover and tons of bonus material. Interviews, scenes originally edited out etc. It will also be available in ebook format, replacing Gunship: Dual Strike.

Thanks for taking a few moments to read this blog! Re:Launch is right around the corner.

We are to blame.

You want to know what’s funnier than seeing a long line at the Redbox on Friday night? A long line at the Redbox on a Friday night when it’s raining. As parents, the wife and I often have to visit our local Walgreens. Star Wars candy, action figures, stickers, you know…the basics. Not to mention what our kids might want.

Recently, I’ve started sitting in the car with the windows down while they’re inside, people watching. Some of the four letter words coming from the mouths of people standing in line, I tell you. They blame the Chinese, the Gods, H1N1 Swine Flu and even George Lucas. When the only people to blame are the ones standing in line.

Yes, we are all to blame. Record stores have all but vanished because we stopped going in favor of sitting on our asses and thieving MP3’s. I’m as guilty as anyone, in fact when Napster got shut down I hid for days. Movie stores have all but vanished because of Redbox, Netflix and other garden variety media services. Not bashing Netflix, because I have it and love it. That said, every single time I see some poor elderly lady standing behind a dozen people in the pouring rain I can’t help but laugh. If only you would have went to the local Blockbuster a bit more often, they might still be open. And your jacket! Why do these people never wear jackets in the rain?

The point of this blog is as follows. As society becomes more and more “tech savvy”, we kill off things like the above mentioned. Arcades are gone, movie stores, record shops and the future of newspapers and bookstores is not looking all that bright. While I can appreciate advancements in technology, let’s not neglect the things we may one day soon miss dearly.


A short post tonight, but a very deep subject. Self-publishing. Or the possibility of writing a short ebook on self-publishing to be exact. Each week, both online and locally, I get the same question about a dozen times. How can I get my work published? The truth is I have done it the hard way, meaning I jumped it to it blind and have learned a lot of things that I really wish I would have known at the starting gates.

My sales have improved nearly two thousand percent in the span of a year, and my Twitter following has jumped from less than a hundred to seven thousand plus. I’m no New York Times Best Seller(at least not yet), but I am seriously thinking of publishing a short ebook on “how to” because I think I may have something to offer to the person just starting out.

I know if I could go back I would jump all over a book that showed me, in simple terms, how to publish to each format and even market well enough to survive. It’s a thought. Right now I’m knee deep in writing Gunship: Reflections, but after that, who knows?