A short post tonight, but a very deep subject. Self-publishing. Or the possibility of writing a short ebook on self-publishing to be exact. Each week, both online and locally, I get the same question about a dozen times. How can I get my work published? The truth is I have done it the hard way, meaning I jumped it to it blind and have learned a lot of things that I really wish I would have known at the starting gates.

My sales have improved nearly two thousand percent in the span of a year, and my Twitter following has jumped from less than a hundred to seven thousand plus. I’m no New York Times Best Seller(at least not yet), but I am seriously thinking of publishing a short ebook on “how to” because I think I may have something to offer to the person just starting out.

I know if I could go back I would jump all over a book that showed me, in simple terms, how to publish to each format and even market well enough to survive. It’s a thought. Right now I’m knee deep in writing Gunship: Reflections, but after that, who knows?


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