My first Black Friday.

With the Christmas shopping already done, we decided to hit our local Wal-Mart to browse the deals anyway. And yes, it was my first Black Friday experience.

Let me start off by saying, I’ve officially lost faith in Humanity. Only we would give thanks for the important things in life on the same day we’re willing to physically take what we want. I was (un) lucky enough to see a pillow fight break out in the bedding section over pillows, and got a text later letting me know there had also been a fistfight. Over pillows.

When I arrived an hour before the big sale started, only to find they were out of carts, I knew I was about to step into another dimension. A dimension of baby dolls, discounted pajamas and as I quickly found, Blu-Rays! I walked into the store and refused to be rude. I helped people grab things from shelves, spoke nicely to everyone I saw, and when the sale officially began, actually stepped aside to let an elderly woman pass and hit the Bratz dolls first. It brought stares of disbelief and I’m pretty sure even the title of idiot by many.

In closing, this is what I learned through my first Black Friday experience:

1. Any hope for the true meaning of Christmas is officially gone.

2. Wal-Mart truly is the devil. And, though none of the associates at my store were on strike, they seemed to be in spirit.

3. Apparently nobody reads. Pallets of books remained untouched, while people cursed and fought over tech items and bedding. Leading me to realize we have grown both ignorant and lazy.

4. Respect for the elderly no longer exists. Which, to be honest, is sad.

5. Parenting is all but gone as the new fad seemed to be teenage girls dressed like prostitutes, complete with boots.

In closing, I’ll go back next year. But I’ll make sure the Christmas shopping is finished first. The wife and I stopped for coffee afterwards, and turned it into a ‘date night’. Not to mention, I got my hands on some great Blu-Rays! Lord of the Rings anyone?



Guardian Angel


Guardian Angel II(Berlin War)

Release date: June 1st!

(Paperback, Kindle, Nook, Kobo and Smashwords)

Demons. Not the kind spawned from Hell, but those which invaded our world one chilled November morning. They call themselves Ancients.

Humanity has seen such destruction. The world around us turned to rubble, while most of us have either fallen victim to the murder of war or the oppression of slavery. And now that our race is on the verge of extinction, the queen of demons will reveal herself, bringing along prototype soldiers laced with the power of the elements.

And while our survivors remain divided, so does the heart of Alicia Lucard. Once upon a time, her foremost concern was the daily cheat of her own demise. But love has a way of complicating things. And with love comes great responsibility on the heels of an even greater guilt. A heart quickly falling for two.

Now humanity is tasked with putting its differences aside, working together against the sky-born race of alien soldiers. And one of their finest will be forced to choose a single lover, forever damning the other.


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A captain, his crew and the life of a smuggler.

Another hand, or should we just count you out Michaels?” the dealer asked, a thick beard of black covering most of his experienced face as he continued shuffling the deck of cards, only slightly moving his thumbs as the cards crisply fell into place.

Let’s get something straight right here and now. You don’t ever count Captain Adam Michaels out.” he said as he raised his glass for a long drink of the roughest ale he’d ever fallen victim to.

The pay in for this round is seventy credits.” The dealer said as he surveyed the table, giving his best effort in an attempt to block out the dozens of scoundrels in the background drinking ale and most likely telling lies.

I’m out.” Captain Michaels said quietly as he stood up and walked away from the table, doing his best to ignore the taunts and insults directed his way as if to keep some of his dignity.

A seemingly perfect life, until love arrives unexpected.

Nobody like Sarah however, not even close. She was stunningly beautiful, very well spoken and above all, political. Political? His idea of politics involved small arms fire or even a good old fashioned bare-knuckle brawl. They had nothing in common aside from being here at the same moment, the same spot together; something he knew deep down would be long forgotten by Sarah the moment she arrived safely back home. Still, the heart wants what the heart wants, and his was becoming increasingly dependent on seeing her as much as humanly possible.

With best friends like this, the word sanity becomes fuzzy.

Any person that eats another person has some damn issues,” Dalton said with heartfelt emotion. “Unless she’s hot and it ain’t for keeps.”

Introduce Vampires, Mech and Orc, and life gets tricky.

Hey, bitches,” Roman yelled across the room, successfully gaining their undivided attention. “Get some.” he added, daring the walking beasts to a fight.

Anwick quickly made his way into the direction of the marked man, Lexion following suit and releasing the grip he had on the front of Michaels’ shirt allowing him to fall back to the ground. Roman pulled his combat pistol long enough to throw it across the room, sliding roughly on the aged floor as he confidently drew his tactical blade and squeezed his hands for a moment; several of his knuckles busting back to life.

Introduce a second unexpected love, and life becomes unbearable.

Sure, his heart belonged to Sarah, it had since the very first moment he had laid eyes on her. Still, he thought a lot about Sasha as he lay there during the night. Not just because she had a pure beauty about her, but because he envied the life that she had chosen to live. Missing it very much. Living for the moment was the only real definition of happiness in his opinion, and Sasha lay there doing just that, sleeping like an angel and taking life one day at a time.

Civil War, airships, large-scale battles by sword and Zombies. Life just got serious.

But as the door opened to allow the man and his child a safe place to hide, Dalton’s arm dropped down to his side; still holding the revolver in hand.

Oh my God.” he managed to push from his lungs as Whiskey stood at his feet, both of them witness to hundreds of Drifters killing citizens in the streets. Mutilating their bodies, climbing the exterior walls of buildings in order to reach windows and many of them pulled to the light that now shined outside through the open Trading Post door.

The Gunship series is a place where anything can happen. Elements of science fiction, fantasy, steampunk and western all draped across the lives of characters that matter. The best part? The entire Gunship series is now available with a single download!