The Matrix

As a disclaimer, I’m both patriot and proud to reside in the greatest country on this planet. America. That said, my name is John Davis and I approve this message.

WARNING. The following blog, if entered into with an open mind, may or may not alter the way you see everything around you. If you are comfortable living in your bubble, take the blue pill. Otherwise, grab the red pill and sit back as I expose you to the truth.


A few years back, when I was beating the political drum as hard as possible, my Facebook inbox began to blow up. Each message filled with links. To be honest, I thought my friend’s account had been hacked. So I contacted him personally. He confirmed the links were his and asked me to give them a look. So I did.
I’ll throw some links your way during the blog as well, but let me just say, I no longer beat the political drum. The Republican party and Democratic party exist for a single reason. To divide us. Our country(if not the entire world) is controlled by a handful of very powerful people, while we are controlled by the media.
It’s common knowledge that Fox News and CNN each favor their own political party, but if you trace deeply enough, you’ll soon discover that EVERY major source of news is majority-owned by the same handful of people. What I’m saying is everything from national news, to television programming, fashion trends and what’s socially acceptable is controlled by a single group of multi-millionaires/billionaires.
Simply put, we are plugged into the ‘matrix’ through our television sets, phones, computers and tablets. Which, by the way, was the true message behind the Matrix movie. Like sheep, we are forced to care about subjects that are handpicked for us, vote for pre-selected candidates and told how we should be living based on the world around us. A world that is also plugged into the message they are broadcasting. Political parties were created to divide the intelligent, which allows this group to operate behind the curtain with very few left to question. Kind of like the Wizard of Oz(Oh, by the way, the message that movie was meant to deliver as well). Divide and conquer.

But how far does the rabbit hole go? Let me present you with some startling facts.

*Airplane black boxes were found at Ground Zero, according to two first responders and an unnamed NTSB official, but they “disappeared” and their existence is denied in The 9/11 Commission Report.
*Building 7 was reported as having collapsed on live television, with video of building 7 standing in the background(it fell 20 minutes later). Moments later, the video feed became disrupted.
*Several first-responder firefighters were ‘let go’ prior to a planned interview, one in which they would publicly testify that explosives could be heard going off in the corners of the towers.
*The put option(financial bet on Wall Street that a stock will fall) was 285 times higher on American Airlines only days prior to 9/11.
*A declassified government plan from 1962 outlines hijacking airliners, attacking military bases here in the United States…all to be blamed on Cuba in a pretext to an invasion of Cuba.
*Several foreign/independent studies have all concluded that the airliners which hit the towers on 9/11 were carrying some type of cargo beneath them consistent with additional fuel storage. Confirmed by video broadcast from CNN and photos published by Time magazine.
*Small flashes consistent with remote detonation can be seen on the attack planes a split second before impact with the towers. Again, this can be noticed in CNN’s own footage by slowing down to a frame-by-frame rate. The flashing occurs at the tip of the planes, with a visible gap between the planes and buildings.
*Oh, and let’s not forget, a huge amount of money that was supposed to be accounted for by the government was found missing. That was discovered on 9/10 by a group working in…the trade centers.

But why would a group of wealthy Americans attack our own landmarks? Maybe you are asking the wrong question.
Why would the world’s most oil-dependent country attack it’s own landmarks, surely to spark a public outcry, only to place the blame on a country dead-center of the world’s richest oil region?

Question? If we were originally told through the media that we were entering the theatre of war to find Saddam Hussein and place him on trial, why did we remain after his death? Bin Laden. Question, if Bin Laden has been killed, why are our soldiers still putting their lives on the line for this region? We’re told(now) it’s because the area isn’t capable of defending itself. As an American, you are entitled to believe what you will. And sadly, most of us will not afford it a second thought, simply processing the information we are fed. Personally, I believe we are still destroying families as soldiers fall because we have become too dependent on oil from that region.

Is this group who controls our people really capable of such an act? That’s for you to decide. Some believe they were also the force behind the attack on Pearl Harbor, and sadly, there is some evidence to support it. But that’s another story for another day(but Google it if you’re interested). Just know that political parties exist for a reason, as does lobbying. You’re fed a tragic story of murder by handgun and then hit with a story on the debate for gun control for a reason. And there’s a reason ‘celebrities’ like Beyoncé flash the Illuminati symbol during the Superbowl Halftime Show. Just in case you missed it.…0.0…1ac.1.5.img.F4p0tB6LkVo#imgrc=_

In closing, you’re free to believe what you will. Maybe it’s merely a thousand coincidences stacked together, though there’s a better chance of getting hit by lightning seven times in a row while indoors. Personally, I chose to unplug myself from the Matrix and see the world for what it truly is. Now, when I watch the news, it’s almost laughable. I’ve learned to see through the world that has been painted in front of me. I invite you to do the same. This blog has more than likely lulled you to sleep 🙂 so as you finish and begin to wake up, please do wake up. Begin to see the world for what it truly is.

“We feel like we are living in the “Matrix” where we can blend in, but knowing something is horribly wrong and must be exposed. The quality of life for all of our loved ones is at stake along with the hopes of millions of people for a world of peace, freedom and ecological sustainability. If just a few of you take the time to study a little more and become involved in the 9-11 Truth movement we will be greatly appreciative. We strongly feel that everyone should involve themselves in this effort to expose the truth about 9-11 and in the greatest push ever from the grassroots to nonviolently replace our current despotic leadership. It would have tremendous positive consequences, if similar to the fall of Nixon over Watergate, that the Bush administration was exposed on this and replaced. This outrageous criminal act must be brought to justice and our freedoms restored. We need to reach out now to all those who may be willing to hear, break the silence and take courageous action.”

– Gabriel Day


Pocketbooks, biker bars and our homeless.

I know, I know. Two blogs in a week. I can’t believe it either. Having just returned from vacation, I thought it would be a great chance to express a few of the many things I noticed around me while in Gatlinburg, Tennessee.
Like the name of this blog post? It’s due in part to me actually seeing my very first $500 pocketbook. FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS! Do you know how many book sales that is?

What goes into making a $500 pocketbook, exactly? Because after holding it in my hands while flagging the wife down, it seemed like any regular handbag. Thank God she’s not materialistic by any means. We actually laughed it over together, while surrounded by a mob of women who nearly fought for the opportunity to buy one. Of course, in a few cases, the women hit the “clearance” table and only shelled out a measly $400.
It was one of those “what’s wrong with society” moments that I seem to have now and again. As if I’m watching the events around me on television. Yelling ‘don’t buy it, you’re just paying for the name’ to the lead character of a movie. What really began to bother me after leaving was the sight of homeless people. And I know we all have mixed opinions on that subject. But I just can’t understand a world where we waste so much money on things that really aren’t important, while allowing those around us to do without the basics.
Honestly, I felt shame. And, because my mind strays so quickly, I began to think things over with detail. We now live in a country that values cell phones and pocketbooks above those around us. Often times, the homeless are veterans who have fought to keep us all safe. Now they are nothing more than an afterthought to most. Our elderly, children and veterans should come first. Always(at least in my opinion). But if I realized one thing this week, it’s that they don’t. We’ve become a world obsessed with celebrity outings, while so many of the above mentioned do without things we all take for granted.

The vacation wasn’t all gloom and doom, however. The wife and I stopped in a local place to grab a drink, quickly discovering it was a biker bar of sorts. Fine with me, as I’ve been looking into getting an older Harley anyway. And what seemed like a very bad hangout quickly became our favorite spot in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. The same group of people that have been cast-off so many times because of body tattoos or biker shirts, turned out to be the absolute nicest people we had ever met. So much, in fact, that the wife and I returned the following night. And after a night of good music and magnetism between the wife and I, we left. Not before leaving the largest tip that I have ever left personally, nearly bringing our waitress to tears. It was money well-spent, having left with unforgettable memories.
So, to close this blog out, I wanted to say that upon returning home, I realized how truly blessed I am. First off, I have a home to return to. Not to mention a truck full of the greatest family ever and memories that will never fade away!

Long awaited #80’s post!

Alright, so it’s no secret that music is fantastic. It’s also safe to assume you each know the awesomeness of the 1980’s. Don’t agree? Walk away from the computer, slap yourself, welcome back. Let’s try that again…music from the 1980’s is great(for the most part).

So, I belong to a 1980’s music club on Twitter. I mean, we’re a club without a clubhouse, so to speak. Everyday, unless I’m feeling super-busy or super-lazy, I try to chime in. Throw my song of the day in there as well as Youtube their selections. And I’ve promised(like two months ago) to blog about the music of the 80’s. So, since everyone has their own favorites from ‘the time’ – I decided to share mine. I also piled on a few links for the best songs in terms of remixed 80’s classics.

So sit back, grab a Whatchamacallit and a can of ice-cold Tab…cause it’s about to be on.

My ten picks(no certain order):

“I Wanna Go Back” – Eddie Money

“I Can Dream About You” -Dan Hartman

“The Finer Things” -Steve Winwood

“Pour Some Sugar on Me” -Def Leppard

“Toto” -Africa

“Hurts So Good” -John Cougar

“Nothing’s Gonna Stop us Now” -Starship

“Hard to Say I’m Sorry” -Chicago

“Against All Odds” -Phil Collins

“Out of Touch” -Hall and Oates

Yes, I realize a lot of songs could have also made this list. I encourage you to comment and post your own. I also, while posting my list, remembered how the guy from Hall and Oates had one hell of a mustache. So now that you have my ten favorites, I’m going to drop a few covers of 80’s songs as well. I’ll attempt links, but those who know me well, know that tech eludes me 🙂 (GREAT cover of ‘Send me an Angel’) (‘Use Your Love’) (‘Careless Whisper’) (‘Hungry Eyes’ GOOD song, GREAT video!) (‘Hard to Say I’m Sorry’)

There you go, it’s time to refill the coffee cup. I hope you found at least one cover that did it for you. Thanks for taking the time to check out the post, and feel free to so do the same with my official website!