3 comments on “The Matrix

  1. Although not formally introduced, I am glad to make to make your acquaintance. I like you believe that Things are NOT as they outwardly appear to be. Propaganda is not a new concept introduced by Nazi Germany or Stalin Russia. History will bear witness such tactics in play as far back as our cave dwelling ancestors

    The only difference it has become more complex, more sophisticated It’s .not like the folks , as you would be sitting around the dinner table making conversation about the next door neighbor. Warn you to watch out for them. Telling you this or that about them . And you know how those kind of people are. No, we are talking here on a global level. It sadly seems like the natural social evolution of our species.

    The thought of global is imperative as we continue to expand . We are clearly not the only ones in this vast universe.This being said I want to stay on track and will leave that subject for an other time,

    My search for answers began when I learned the word WHY. Not satisfied with the answers presented by the status quo. Carefully investigating all the input on both sides of the argument. not to be carried away with the propaganda or conspiracy theories. It is a blessing and a curse, we are living in the information age.at the touch of a hand we can access an unlimited number of data bases and learn about any subject . The problem with that is what is fact and what is fiction. And to what degree. As there is a degree of truth in all fiction. Like changing the names to protect the innocent.

    I must admit I am a little overwhelmed at times. And frustrated because it is not all black and white. In time I think things will be clearer.But for now the key for me anyway is to not quit asking why. Because there is no one or any thing that is able to completely cover up the truth.

    I guess I am a little long winded here. I must admit I have some very strong convictions here. If I may leave a closing point . We should not be obsessed with the who and why this is happening.But think about what is happening. The bottom line is people are dying. Dying, that’s not a strong enough verb. We are murdering our own people.

  2. Thanks so much for the reply, and for understanding the purpose of the post. I’m not at all anti-government, but simply wanted to have people question what they normally wouldn’t. I chose ‘The Matrix’ because, just like the movie, when you begin to question and dig into the truth, you realize the world around you is constructed. It’s built by those who control the media. And you’re correct, it is nothing new. World War 2 saw so many crimes which, to be honest, should have never taken place. Worse, they could have been prevented if people would have only questioned.
    Honestly, it puzzles me how we can live in a world of space exploration and video passed around the globe instantly, yet still deal with issues such as homelessness and hunger. And, no matter how high-tech we become, until we begin caring for those who deal with those issues on a daily basis, we as a society will not advance.
    If more people began to research and question, it would force those in control to walk a tighter rope. It would force our politicians to do their jobs, it would force the television and gaming industry to clean up the message being sent to our children and it would force society to take a hard look at itself. And that is something that is desperately needed. Glad to meet you as well, and thank you for the comment!

  3. John, you are on the right track and express your opinion well. May the word go forth and bear fruit.

    Sad and amazing so many have closed their minds to reality. I suppose it comes from generations of film when we surrender our rational lobe to some vapid need to be released from the mundane. Like alcohol, it is addictive. Almost impossible to cure any addiction; habits are seared into the cerebral cortex, it seems.

    Best and Bless….

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