Vampires. Now I may be showing my age when it comes to this blog, but that’s fine by me. I come from an age where MTV played music, cartoons focused on entertainment rather than teaching multiple languages and vampires didn’t suck. Face that is. Sure, there was the movie Vamp, but it kicked ass. I’m talking about the plowing of fields that are fresh with high school girls(and twenty somethings who just can’t let it go) when it comes to marketing. Is this upcoming generation of girls(and possibly a few guys, I won’t judge) really this desperate for romance?

Yes. They are.

A sad time has fallen onto us, trading in Patrick Swayze of Dirty Dancing for Rob(I forget his last name) of Twilight. Is there any comparison here? I’m a fan of Roadhouse myself, but you understand where I’m going with this. Yes? As Paula Cole once asked, where have all the cowboys gone? For every Norman Reedus, we’re hit with 100 Taylor Lautners.

Axl Rose *cough* Justin Bieber. Two points to this blog. One, I need sleep. Two, the world around us has gone soft. We’ve traded backyard football and mixtapes for iPads and apps. And people with the blue tooth earpieces, enough already. You look like idiots. Please Chevy, stop building metrosexual Corvettes and start making time machines. They could take the cool people back to the days of cool, and actually be worth the purchase.

So how does this blog end? Wesley Snipes for president.



What Writing Means To Me

I will succeed.

And in doing so, I will not apologize because I enjoy what I do. I will not apologize because I love my job, especially to those who cannot stand their own situation and would use me as a whipping post. I am truly, to the pit of my soul, happy. I’m the happiest I have ever been, and it is because the world of writing has allowed me to finally earn a living doing what I love to do.

I want to thank everyone who has ever supported my work, through purchases or helping to spread the word. Because without you, I would be back in some warehouse or widget factory for someone who’s telling me what I’m worth an hour. Instead, I answer only to God, my family, and my readers. And that’s alright by me. I am the Book Commander and I will succeed.



>My Final LFL Article





(Above, Left) The lovely Amanda Elizabeth(Sarah Blaine of Gunship) signing photo flats for a fan giveaway during the launch of Gunship: Legendary. (Right) Author John M. Davis with his daughter at the annual school field trip.


(Above, Left) John hits the road again. (Right) John and his son visit the set of TLC’s Myrtle Manor in South Carolina and pose with the show’s star, Chelsey.


(Above, Left) It’s a household divided as John’s Vader battles his wife’s sock monkey each and every night for bragging rights. (Right) A quick fall picture of John and his wife.





100% Complete (Editing)

Heroes of Destiny is on its way! The first book in this brand new series will see the return of Dalton James (Fleet) and a host of other familiar faces. How does he return from the grave? That’s only a smidgen of the mystery. It’s already being called “A good substitute for Discworld fans who crave more” and best of all… Book 1 will be free on most eBook platforms!

Coming this summer!

Kindle – Nook – Smashwords – Kobo – iTunes – Paperback

Taking Over The Universe

Alright, maybe not the whole universe. In fact, Jason Halstead and I may be limited to just this neighborhood. But watch out boys and girls, because the neighborhood is ours. Jason and I have joined forces, so to speak, when it comes to bringing you fantastic books to read. We’ve decided to link some of our work together, meaning readers will now have the option to enjoy great excerpts of his books when finishing up one of mine, and vice verse. We’ve even went as far as to include this nifty thing called a link, which is brand new technology to us self-published authors. At least if you buy into the stigma that surrounds us.

The truth is, I had actually read several of Jason’s books prior to this little unification of world powers, and I’m a huge fan. I was immediately drawn to his Voidhawk series. Jason does a great job when it comes to painting vibrant worlds, giving his characters a personality and delivering the goods. He’s almost like the local delivery driver, except you don’t need to tip him. He just shows up(via download), tells this fantastic tale, and then asks for less money than a cup of coffee. Pretty neat huh?

I encourage you to check him out. I’m even leaving a clickable cover that will lead you straight to a FREE copy of his book.



So You Think Your Story Is So Great

So You Think Your Story Is So Great
You have a finished first draft.  What comes next?  Look to spend more time now than you did writing.  You are a fool if you think you are one and done and can publish this pile of words on paper.  It is a rare first draft that is publishable as is.  Going traditional?  Not ready.  Self-publishing?  Still, not ready.  Not even close.  Self-publishing has a strong reputation of being poorly written and barely edited.  You want to put your best work out there.  You need to make sure you improve with everything you do.  Work hard.  Write hard.  Don’t settle for okay.  Everyone else can do okay in their sleep.  You need to be extraordinary.
So, you’ve made it to the end of your draft.  It’s your first draft.  You know it’s crap.  Unless you have the skills of, say, a Stephen King or a Patrick Rothfuss, you only have a crappy first draft.  What is next?  Edit.  You have to edit.  There is no perfect first draft – or it isn’t the first.  A perfect second? Maybe.  A perfect third?  Possibly, but near impossible without editing.  A manuscript is not a one person job.  You have super skills if you can write and edit your own work and have it come out acceptable by the general public.  Let’s not even address the issues well-read readers would have with an unedited story.
You will have at minimum three drafts before your story will be good enough for someone else look at it.  You don’t have an editor or beta reader?  Get one.  Or two.  Or whatever number works for you.  The more the better but too many will be just as detrimental as none at all.  The purpose of the editor is to make your story better and catch anything that slipped past your eye of scrutiny.  An editor is not there to write the story for you.  An editor will likely read several drafts before you publish, so make it worth this person’s time.  Don’t just keep handing them crap; it’ll burn them out faster than a Colorado grass fire during a draught.  Some writers go for the whole boat, others give out story in sections or chapters at a time.  This is another call you have to make for yourself.  If this is the beginning of a writer-reader-editor relationship, it will take time to get that groove, where all parties work in harmony to make this manuscript better.
Time is a valuable commodity.  Factor in the time you spent writing, editing, re-writing, and so on.  Your editors and readers will spend time as well.  This is all time you don’t get back.  Use it wisely.  Have a deadline?  Don’t slough off for weeks and then cram in an edit the night before it’s due.  Your work will show the lack of care it needed and will again alienate your help.  These people are here to help you.  If they are paid, you want to make sure to get every penny’s worth of what services they offer.  Some of your best readers will be the ones who do it for free.  Unfortunately, you need someone with a keener eye than your buddy from the library who thinks everything he or she reads is the Great American Novel.
Having trouble finding an editor or beta reader?  In today’s world of instantaneous contact and online communities, you can find almost anything you need.  Build a network of people who are willing to help and who need your help.  Another writer might be breaking out at the same time.  He or she might be looking for a beta reader as well.  Trade stories.  Another set of eyes never hurts.  Utilize writing communities.  Use Twitter, Facebook, Google+, etc.  Social media is a great outlet for this type of thing.  Be wary; too pushy and you can again burn out your audience.  Moderation is necessary as well as not everything is as golden as it appears.  Tred carefully but strongly.  References are very important.  Don’t be a victim.
Back to the draft.  Count on completing at least as many drafts after you pass it out as you did before.  Think it’s done?  Sit on it for a week, a month.  If you have a deadline, put it away until a week before it’s due.  Work on something else.  Read (yes, writers still need to read.)  Get out and meet people.  Crawl out of the stinky dungeon of a basement you call your office.  The sunlight will do you good.  The refreshing change of scenery will help preserve your sanity.  After living a somewhat normal life again, go back through your story.  You will be amazed at how much you have forgotten, maybe to the extent of forgetting you wrote any of it.  Go back and edit again.  Put it back out one last time.  Is it done yet?  I doubt it, but this is better by leagues than your first draft.  And your second.
If you feel really good, really ready to publish, send it out to someone else.  This needs to be someone who has not read your story.  You want another opinion, one you trust.  This person liked it – why?  Didn’t like it – why?  As with any editor or reader, you want this person’s opinion.  What is working in this story?  What is not working?  Liking or not liking a story is not good enough.  Criticism is only helpful with details to back it up.
Done?  Almost.  Go back through it one more time.  Line by line, word by word.  Would you buy this story?  Think like a reader.  If you can’t sell it, you have wasted your time.  If you are truly ready, then publish it.  Where to publish?  That’s another tale for another time….
Thank you for reading.

Current Projects











IMMORTAL – 12/2014

Thousands of years before recorded history as we know it, our planet was torn by the Spine War. Orc and forces of the supernatural battle humanity’s finest warriors in a struggle for power and freedom.



Lost City – 12/2014

This brand new science fiction series focuses on the discovery of the mythological underwater city, Atlantis. Within the walls of this fantastic city, however, is anything but what mankind had hoped for.



Fleet: Chaotic Worlds – 3/2015

Dalton James mounts support as his best friend, Adam Michaels, stands trial. With the ship of their dreams nearly complete, it will take every trick in the smuggling book to attempt a clean getaway.




























Guardian Angel



*Alicia Lucard of Guardian Angel

Guardian Angel is a story of post-apocalyptic survival. When it comes to fighting a superior race from the stars, Alicia Lucard is the best we have. She’s also the most complex. During the fight for survival, Alicia will battle her own emotions as she’s torn between two lovers.

What readers are saying:

“Guardian Angel is a well-written science-fiction thriller that will have you hooked the moment you begin reading. John Davis writes a brilliant story of the survival for the human race against hostile aliens who see humans as cattle.”

“He creates a set of awesome characters, I always tend to fall in love with immediately. I find myself wondering what the future holds for them.”

A technologically advanced race dives into our atmosphere to source humanity as food. Instead, the tall grey bastards and their amber-eyed faces of brutality find that we are not prepared to go quietly. Love is the strongest weapon of all. Capable of changing lives and, perhaps, saving the world.



Kindle vs. Nook

Keep in mind I’m just a guy who writes books for a living. But this is also a question I found myself asking, and though I would post an honest review now that I have owned them both.


  • Easy page turns
  • Very affordable
  • Huge selection of titles available
  • MP3 player and web browser included
  • Text-to-speech available on select titles
  • Games available in the Kindle Store

The Kindle, in many ways, does a good job of providing a b/w tablet. Lots of extras, though they are very basic in operation and a bit slow. In terms of reading books, however, the Kindle does a fantastic job with no complaints. Quick page turns, great button layout and a much larger selection of books are available. There are also A LOT of free books available for the Kindle, as well as games.


  • Solid construction
  • Realistic pages
  • A better interface/easier to navigate menus
  • Free books available while inside of B&N stores

It’s not that the Nook does a bad job, in fact, it is a bit better in a few areas. For starters, the pages look more like paper. The interface when navigating menus seemed a bit smoother, and the books loaded up very fast. What didn’t load up fast, however, was the unit itself. While the Kindle is ready at the slide of a button, the Nook takes nearly thirty-seconds before it’s ready to read. While it boasts a micro-SD expansion slot, you’ll likely never even need the added memory, yet you will end up without an MP3 player or web browser. The biggest pitfall, in my opinion, was the selection of books. I noticed right away that several key titles weren’t available. Also, though it seems like a small complaint, it is VERY easy to brush your hand across the screen and spend several moments fishing for the page you were on. The Nook will recognize the brush of a hand(which happens quite often) as a page turn(or multiple turns in some cases). Again, a minor complaint, but it does get irritating.

At the end of the day, neither eBook reader is a bad purchase. But in my opinion, Kindle is king. If you’re in the market for a reader, I strongly suggest a Kindle. In fact, just for checking out this blog, you can take the link below and grab your Kindle today at a steep discount. Our little secret 😉


FREE Book!


The original Gunship story is now FREE on the following:



Smashwords(iPad, Sony, iPhone, Android)

(Coming soon for the Nook)

Why would I do this? Simple. I want to introduce new readers to the Gunship series. I want you to begin the same series that, for a short time in 2012, outsold EVERY Star Wars novel on the Amazon Kindle. I want you to discover Adam Michaels and his crew of smugglers as they flaunt the law, avoid confrontation with the Hunters(Vampires) and carry themselves with swagger. I want new readers of the series to see first-hand, why a mixture of Orc from the fantasy realm, spaceships from the science fiction realm and saloons from the western realm makes for a good read.

So dive in, for FREE. The only risk involved is a few minutes to decide if the Gunship series is your next favorite brand!



*Amanda Elizabeth(Sarah) of Gunship signing flats for the Gunship: Legendary launch.


What exactly is Gunship? Well, the best way to describe it would be a mixture of everything that’s cool about science fiction, fantasy and steampunk, all rolled into one. The series has been a massive hit with readers, with the second installment hitting #2 briefly in Kindle Scifi. It even soared past every Star Wars book listed in the same category for a “whopping” two hours.

What readers are saying:

“I highly recommend this series! And coming from a person who really doesn’t like sci-fi all that much, makes it all the more surprising! I can’t wait to finish out the series!”

“Gunship got a wonderful mix of space flights, vampires, wild west type whiskey saloons and even a hint of romance.”

Gunship has galactic war, vampires, orc, saloons filled with whiskey, zombies, smoking revolvers, true love…the list goes on! As a fan of science fiction, it’s written in a way that bypasses all of the techno babble which usually comes along with the genre and gives readers exactly what they want. A story to care about, a set of characters to fall in love with and, most importantly, a reason to come back.