If you’re familiar with the Guardian Angel series, you’re also likely to be a fan. The hero is a beautiful young woman who’s the best soldier humanity has left. Guardian Angel follows Alicia Lucard as mankind tries desperately to survive a war against an invading alien race that’s been here before. Fans of the series have been pushing me for a while now, and I’m proud to announce that the next trilogy of Guardian Angel books will officially be dubbed The Invasion Trilogy.


Invasion will take place during the opening weeks of the Ancients’ war from orbit in an effort to claim their slaves, while following a brand new cast of characters. I guess that’s bad news for Alicia’s fans, but it’s certainly great news for the series as the amber-eyed demons are back! During the first trilogy, the story touched on the history of several key battles during the ongoing war. Now we finally get to live those battles firsthand.

There’s no official announce date as of right now, as I have several other projects underway. But I wanted to give fans of the Guardian Angel series something to look froward to. I’d say Invasion: Book One should be well underway sometime in late 2015. Until then, you may want to give the first trilogy another read.

If you happen to be new to the Guardian Angel series, the trilogy is currently on sale:



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