A Leap Of Faith

Folks, tonight at midnight, we(the wife and I) are taking a huge leap of faith. Life without the internet. Not completely, as still have one smartphone that is internet capable, but aside from that we’ll be an internet-free household. I’ll still be able to reply to folks who comment, email and tweet, though it will take a bit longer. I felt going internet-free would help with the writing, having drifted onto the internet(most authors do) when I should have been writing. Some nights, instead of putting in work on the laptop, I found myself online gaming. Unacceptable. My readers deserve the very best I have, and I plan to bring it. My wife has also pointed out my children’s growing need to use the internet/cable. Reading has taken a backseat in our house to children’s television and tablets connected to the internet. Also unacceptable. After talking it over, the wife and I both agree that we refuse to have teenagers one day that “can’t live without their smartphones”.

I’m not sure why I’m blogging this, honestly, it just seems like a huge step. Hopefully a leap into the right direction. A good friend of mine will be handling all of my online accounts(aside from Twitter), and I plan to begin video blogging at some point very soon. Just went out and grabbed a nice HD video camera, and the plan is to podcast whenever I can and then hand the camera over to James for upload. I’ll be writing(hoping for 10-15 pages a day) and when a book is finished, I’ll invade the local Barnes & Noble, hook to their Wi-Fi and upload it to every major publisher. It will give me a chance to go the bookstore more often.

In closing, I just want to say what a blessing writing has been to me thus far. I blindly jumped into the profession back in 2011 and honestly had no idea that I would still be doing it with success in 2014. Eight books, 52k followers and dozens of real friendships later, I feel proud to lay claim to three #2 books on the Amazon Kindle(scifi/steampunk). But my work is not done. I am not done. Getting onto the New York Times Bestseller List seems like a pipe dream to most, but not to me. I have a plan that includes never quitting, working my ass off each and every day and a belief that it CAN be done. A special thank you to the online friends I’ve made over the past few years(you guys and gals know who you are). Without your help, I wouldn’t be halfway to my goal. For every single author/aspiring author out there, I leave you with the single most important piece of advice in the world. The words that I live by daily and the words that have carried me when nothing else seemed to be going right.

Hard work beats talent, when talent refuses to work hard.


1 thought on “A Leap Of Faith”

  1. Going Internet free is tough in this day and age, especially as a writer. I applaud you sir! I used to take a week off and go camping in the mountains like a hermit just to get away from it all. My husband and I decided our future children won’t have a personal smart phone or laptop (unless school requires) until the age of 12 or 13. Just get them out of elementary school. Good luck!!

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