Once upon a time, I was studying to become a personal trainer. While writing may have taken hold and pulled me off into a different direction professionally, my love for fitness has always remained. This morning, I woke up with the hankering to get big. I’m talking massive. At 6’4, 245 lbs. I’m no slouch now, but I’d love to be able to get big enough to be forced to walk through barn doors sideways because my shoulders are too far apart.

This week(or possibly next week) I’ll upgrade to a commercial bench and bring some more weight plates home. I’ll try not to bore your folks to death with weightlifting and nutrition blogs, but they will be coming from time to time. Just a heads up.




These Vampires do not fall in love during high school. The Hunters(Vampires) have been the dominant species for thousands of years, though many other races have tested them, including our own. When a ship’s captain takes on work for the Hunters, he quickly begins to fall in love with the prisoner he’s promised to deliver. Soon after, all hell breaks loose as interstellar war and a ship on its last leg are the least of his crew’s problems. Captain Adam Michaels will lean heavily on his military past and even heavier on his friends’ help if they are to survive. The problem? His crew includes a foulmouthed cowboy, a whiskey drinking dog, a former soldier with a very dark secret and plenty of other characters that may easily get them all killed.

Gunship is a story of a solar system at war and there aren’t any punches pulled. Vampires, an Orc-like race, dusty saloons, a Zombie-like plague and, of course, plenty of whiskey to be had. Even if it’s consumed on the run.

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Art by Aituar Manas

About that Facebook religion.

So today, I log in to wish one of my friends a happy birthday and what do I see? A respectfully worded post from another friend and his wife, warning everyone to keep their posts rated PG or be unfollowed/unfriended. To elaborate just a bit, they are very strict people when it comes to their religion and I respect that…to a point. For those of you who don’t know, I’m a non-denominational Christian. In other words, I pray on the regular but don’t blow the church up every Sunday and pretend to be better than I actually am. I am flawed, but try to do right by everyone. I don’t care for denominations and their specific rules on worshiping my God, and enjoy doing it my own way. The friends in question are hardcore Christians, which again, I respect. But they have also drifted into the land of cult status, in my opinion.

I’m not sure what to do here? I don’t want to offend a guy that I worked with for several years and think the world of, but I also don’t like the idea of not being able to speak freely. If I throw something out there like “stormtroopers suck” I will likely be unfriended. Is this on me? Should I tone it down to PG all the time? I’m asking everyone out there in WordPressland because my judgement isn’t always the greatest. Should I finally drop the “that’s what she said” line and be more politically correct? What would you folks do?

The Wild West

So, I’ve been writing fantasy for the past week or so and have a science fiction project lined up as well. That’s a tall order and even though I keep telling myself one at a time, I can’t seem to stop the ideas from flowing. Over the past few days, I’ve considered(heavily) the idea of writing a western. I know that sounds ridiculous coming from a science fiction guy, but the itch is there and has honestly been there for quite some time now(well over a year). Watching westerns is kind of a guilty pleasure of mine and likewise, I enjoy reading the books. There’s something about a western that is gritty and honest. That appeals to me.

I suppose I don’t bring up my guilty pleasure all that much as there’s a stigma that westerns only appeal to an “old” group of people. Heck, maybe I am old. Then again, maybe the stigma is wrong and lots of us have a desire hidden deep within ourselves to strap on a six-shooter and begin taming the wild hills around us. I’m not sure. What I do know is that each time I read or watch the genre, I can’t help but to get excited about it. That’s a feeling that I would very much love to carry into the world of writing. What do you guys and gals think? Does anyone out there like the genre, or, better yet, write in the genre? I’d love to hear from you.

Who knows, I may just take a six-sided dice and start rolling it each time I settle in to write a book. Science fiction, fantasy, steampunk, western…so many choices!

Space Rebels

rebelsbanner2We were wrong. After the Great War, a period of one hundred years of peace followed, which saw the economy boom and our worlds prosper. Were were supposed to be alone. As sightings begin to trickle in, they are quickly written off as whiskey-injected tales by fearful space pirates. Soon, however, it becomes obvious that a new race of beings has arrived and they intend to slaughter us and take our resources in the process.

For thousands of years, humans have clashed with Vampires. The mighty Husk and Benzans have also went to war and through experience, we have learned the art of survival. Now, against a new enemy that it far more superior than anything we’ve ever known, humanity will stand with its former foes to defend every patch of dirt and rock that we’ve earned the hard way.

Prepare for the next chapter of the Gunship experience. Space Rebels is coming soon.

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