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Welcome to my official website! If you’re new around here (or new to my work), I’m a full-time published author with over 20 pieces of work in print. My career began with the Gunship series and then vaulted with my best-seller, The Fleet. I also cover the Legends Football League.

I’m more than just an author, though. I’m happily married to the girl of my dreams (15 years and counting) and I’m the proud daddy of two spoiled kids. I enjoy reading, listening to good music, professional wrestling, LFL and XFL (yes, XFL) football.

I also enjoy hearing from you. I’m on both Twitter and Facebook, though you can always email me at johndavisbooks@yahoo.com. I know a lot of authors out there are too busy to reply to “all” of their mail. I’m not that guy. It may take a few days, but I always respond. Thanks for taking the time to check out my website. If you enjoy reading, you can find my work at:

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Well Gunship fans, you fuckers went and did it. Word has it that Gunship and its fans have vaulted into a mainstay series, and that tickles me just a bit. You see, this story isn’t just about a crew of outcasts trying to make their way in the universe. Hell, it’s also a real journey of the same types of folks trying to make a name for themselves in the world of publishing. I’d say that we’ve accomplished a lot together. For that, I thank you.

If you haven’t read my story just yet, then pour yourself a good shot of whiskey, prime a real nice cigar and download the Omnibus Edition now. Folks tend to enjoy it and I hope you do the same.

If you’re already a fan, just know that I appreciate you helping me get the story out. This is the story of my life. With just a few curse words thrown in, of course. A lot of you have emailed and asked all kinds of shit. Who would I back as the next President of the United States? What brand of whiskey do I drink? Is this really the end of Dalton James? Maybe it is – maybe it isn’t. That remains to be seen, but I can vouch for the brand new series, Space Rebels, which takes place right here in my old stomping grounds. That’s the Skyla System for all of you newbies.

Who would I back as the next U.S. President? Hell son, anybody that knows me knows that I hate politicians and their fake ass smiles. That’s why I’m officially endorsing Donald Trump. Seems like he hates all of ’em, too. I’ll back any man who wants to dismantle a system that ain’t working and fix it from the ground up. As far as the whiskey goes, I drink whatever you’re pouring. If I have my choice, though, I’m a Jack Daniels man.

Until next time,

Dalton James

John M. Davis

I am the last true pulp author. I’ve heard it called all types of things and especially love the term ‘New Pulp’. There’s nothing new about it, folks. Pulp writing has been around since the early 1900’s. Most writers have chosen to abandon the craft altogether or are afraid to use the term outright. Not me. I not only accept it, but I take great honor in walking down the same path as talented authors like Edgar Rice Burroughs, Robert E. Howard and Abraham Merritt.
For those of you who aren’t familiar with Pulp, it’s a style of writing that is both fast and action-packed. Pulp writers of the early 1900’s were paid by the word but also had to appeal to the common person. Otherwise, the magazines would stop paying them altogether. It forced writers to work tirelessly (on manual typewriters, for God’s sake) in order to eat. Some readers want to be blown away by an author’s ability to overuse big words and fluff their stories. If that’s you, I’m not your guy. I believe in writing short stories that are filled with meaningful characters you can relate to. They’re just like you and I, these characters. They just happen to be caught up in adventure after adventure. Writing Pulp is my lot in life. I accept it… and I love it.
I am the last pulp author.




Favorites. As a rule of thumb, I eat Italian. Beer isn’t my scene and soda is rare. When I do, it’s Sprite. My favorite author to read (other than pulp) is R.A. Salvatore. As far as TV goes, it’s The Walking Dead and The Deadliest Catch. I also love the sport of weightlifting.
Book signings. No, though I have been cornered at comic cons. It’s not because I’m a jerk, either. There are two reasons that I normally won’t do book signings. First, I believe that if a man has to hang a sign explaining who he is – he shouldn’t be signing anything. Second, I can’t sit in a bookstore all day long without finding books to buy.
Facebook. Yes, I have a Facebook page. No, I don’t update it often as I hate Facebook and pretty much every other social media platform. It has been suggested to me that I remain active on at least 1 social media website and I’ve chosen Twitter.
Characters. If you were to split me into 3 parts, you’d get Dalton James, Roman Raines and Adam Michaels. Yes, I’m also aware that shortly after Gunship #1 the WWE developed a character named Roman Reigns. Who knows, maybe someone over there likes reading pulp science fiction. My favorite character thus far is split between Vladris (Gunship) and Hughes (Deadworld).
In my spare time. There’s nothing I enjoy more than quiet family time. I’m married to the most fantastic woman in the world and my 2 kids are pretty much my life. I wouldn’t change anything! Aside from reading and bodybuilding, I also enjoy good music (acoustic) and retro video games.





“This book just gets better the further into it you go, there are some really great characters who will get you turning page after page to find out what becomes of them.”

“I enjoyed the characters and their intertwined stories.”

“From the first page, I was completely engrossed in the story, so much that I hated to put it down.”

“As crazy as it sounds with vampires and zombies, this is an over the top fun read. A nice ride.”

“A very fun read. After reading the series I can see some similarly to Firefly.”

“Wow, I can’t wait to read more!”

The Gunship series has been downloaded in some fashion by over 50,000 readers worldwide! Join them by grabbing Gunship: Omnibus Edition and begin your own ride today!

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