Fear The Walking Dead – The Review

Well, I’m 2 episodes in and I’m ready to give my official review of this series. I get what’s trying to be done here. I get it. FTWD needs to start out slow and begin telling the story of brand new characters and that takes time. FTWD, though, is boring enough to put Rick Grimes back into a coma (willingly).


Speaking of Rick, there isn’t one in FTWD. There are honestly no characters that I can relate to in the same way that I can Rick or Daryl, which are two big reasons that The Walking Dead has been so popular. In fact, the FTWD characters are so uninteresting that I’m actually turned away just a bit.

“It’ll get better.” you say.

Maybe, but I won’t be around to watch it. I promised to give this new series a chance with 1 episode as the preview didn’t look interesting. Out of respect for Kirkman(who’s a fantastic author) I gave it two episodes.

Most of the civilized world has already seen FTWD, so this review is pretty much white noise within the community of Zombie lovers. Still, if you stand up and claim to like this rendition better than the original, I don’t Fear The Walking Dead – I fear you.


The Undead Story


Two years ago, I announced plans for the Zombietown series and fan mail started to flood in. It was a fantastic idea that somehow got lost in the shuffle as other projects hit the table (damn you Dalton James!). To make a long story short, I brought on a brand new artist and together, we dubbed it Zombie Cowboys. As I began to work on the series, even more opportunities landed for me and I couldn’t turn a blind eye to them. We’re talking the kind of opportunities that only land once in a lifetime. First, I was offered a chance to novelize an upcoming movie that I felt had promise. Perhaps it will become the hit that I believe it can be, but the movie in question has been in post-production for several years. As you might expect, it’s now doubtful that I’ll be novelizing the movie. Thought I still hope for its eventual release.

During the final stages of Zombie Cowboys, my artist pulled out and I was pretty much left with a story that had changed dramatically from my original vision. Worse, I had no one to properly introduce readers to its awesomeness with a fantastic cover. Long story short, I published a story that honestly wasn’t my vision, beneath the banner (and cover) that I truly don’t care for. Zombie Cowboys hasn’t done well, namely because it’s not a western and there aren’t any cowboys in the story. Oh yea, the cover is pretty generic as well!

Now I’m with the LFL (Legends Football League) as a writer/analyst and loving every minute of it. I’m still writing though, and once again find myself with several projects on the table. One of them is MY original story and this time it will get the treatment it deserves. It truly is a Zombie tale in the sense that each time I think it’s dead, this story comes back to life and refuses to go untold. Any author can tell you, having that kind of story in your head is an amazing feeling! So be prepared, dear readers, as I’m currently working on this Zombie tale that is yet to be named. This time around, there won’t be a silent release, either. I’m putting my heart into this project and pulling out the big guns for its release.

Stay tuned. -J



Outside of writing science fiction, I have this amazing gig with the Legends Football League. I’m currently helping put together game previews and summaries and working my way into attending games next season (2016) and it’s been very exciting thus far! My work is now featured on the official LFL website, lfl360.com and fuse.tv.

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