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No, I won’t be pushing my way through the crowd tomorrow night. I’m not that big of a Star Wars fan. In fact, the biggest reason that I chase Star Wars merchandise (not that it’s hard to find) is to collect C3Po and R2D2, who remind me of my two kids.

This isn’t a blog to bash the franchise, though. It does what it’s supposed to and that’s cool. This is me, lowly fiction author laying out what I believe Star Wars: The Force Awakens will be (or should be) in terms of plot. I’m basing this on past movies and what I was able to take from the trailer.

Where in the hell is Princess Leia? I mean, it was big news landing Carrie Fisher to the movie, right? Yet she only gets a very small cut of the official trailer in which she’s visibly upset. I believe this is to point attention to the other characters and yes, I believe it’s because Princess Leia is going to have a huge role. Either she has become the ultimate bad guy (er, girl) in the story, hoping to avenge the death of her father, or she’s given birth to the new evil in Kylo Ren. Personally, I believe she’s the new evil. Here’s why. During the original trilogy, you couldn’t peel her and Han Solo away – that’s before they were married! Now they are never together in a scene, which I find odd.

There’s no way in hell that Han and Chewy have fled to the dark side. Even Disney’s not that stupid. I don’t see Luke becoming evil, either. It would make the original trilogy a virtual waste of time to watch and I don’t believe they’d do that. No, I believe that Rey and Kylo Ren are BOTH the children of Han Solo and Princess Leia. The son has the “force” inside of him and has chosen to avenge Vader, perhaps on his mother’s wishes. Meanwhile, Rey also has the “force” but doesn’t know it yet. This is very similar to the formula that made Star Wars famous in the first trilogy.

I could be wrong. Heck, I probably am. But this is how I would have went about things. Luke becomes the all-knowing (Yoda) while Han and Chewy well, they stay true to themselves. Ultimately, I believe this installment will be much better than Episodes 1, 2 or 3 and certainly worth watching. Worth standing in line and sitting elbow to elbow for? In my case – no. I’ll likely grab it on Blu-ray. Either way, I hope the force is strong with this one. I totally would have opened the movie trailer by killing Jar Jar tragically. That alone would have led to broken records at the box office.


Publish With Success

I recently got an email asking for help. It’s not rare for me to get an email/tweet/message across Facebook wanting to know if there is anything I can offer that can help sell books. What is rare, as I’ve come to discover, is people actually taking the advice I give.

You see, I don’t sugar coat anything. I let them know that I’ve read every how-to book there is when it comes to publishing and marketing. Everyone seems to be looking for that golden trick that will vault them into sales. There is no golden trick. You simply quit looking for an easier way and understand that writing (for a living) is supposed to be hard. Then you start writing your ass off. This is also why I don’t understand the NaNoWriMo movement. For people that have figured out that hard work leads to success, we don’t call it NanoWrimo. For us, it’s just Friday.

Stop wasting time searching for a quicker way to earn big bucks. The folks in writing who are earning big bucks (there aren’t many) didn’t get there quickly. Stop making excuses, turn the internet off and start slinging ink! That’s the only guaranteed path to success. So yea, rather than answer the next 100 emails, I decided to blog this and point them into the blog’s direction when the time comes.