What is Terminus and why you should care?

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The short answer is Terminus is a brand new series co-created by Jason Halstead and myself. If you need more reasons to care, I’d be glad to name a few. First, our combined online reach is equivalent to that of a “Big 6” publishing house. We’ve each written best-selling books and appeal to a broad range of readers, including fans of science fiction, fantasy and steampunk. Terminus includes ice wolves, dragons, telekinesis, battle suits and a host of other things that fans crave. It is essentially the perfect mixture of science fiction and fantasy. Best of all, it’s FREE to begin the series!

book1 GhostPlanetCoverFINAL a28e2738-6567-4eeb-9be5-a516a63cdbcc FearTheGifterCoverFINAL

Terminus: Free Intro – KindleNookKobo – Smashwords

Terminus: Ghost Planet – KindleNookKoboSmashwords

Terminus: Frozen Dreams – Kindle – Nook – Kobo – Smashwords

Terminus: Fear The Gifted (Coming Soon) – Kindle – Nook – Kobo – Smashwords

The Official Terminus Website

The Official Terminus Newspaper


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