DEADWORLD (Zombietown)

*UPDATE: Deadworld #1 is now available! 

Dear reader. Last year I began collaborating with another author on a Project Deadworld and as the story goes, we both got really busy on the science fiction landscape and placed PDW off to the side.


As you can see, I have dropped “Project” from the title altogether. This will be serialized zombie fiction as we’d originally planned, though I have changed my setting and will begin backing this story on my own. The cover (as well as future covers) has a very specific design. This story will be about the characters and their struggle against a world of the dead. Likewise, the stories will read like pulp fiction and I wanted to give it the same feel of pulp stories from the early 1900’s.

I’d like to thank each person who has backed this project since day one. It’s not easy to put together a collaborative story that works. As I’ve discovered, it’s a hell of a lot tougher to pick the story up and carry it in solo fashion. I believe my readers deserve to hear this story, though. It’s in me and it’s fighting to come out.  -JD


Should I Buy An XBOX ONE?


If you’ve followed this blog for any time at all, you’ll know that I’ve shown very little love for Microsoft in general. But if you know me personally, you’ll know that I’m man enough to admit when I’m wrong. I found myself faced with the same question very recently. Should I buy an XBOX ONE? During one of my wife’s glorious shopping trips (what is it with women and shopping?), I ran across a new XBOX ONE that was stupid cheap ($299) and, having owned the PS4 previously, the low price combined with the curiosity I had for the newest XBOX was enough to spark my interest.

Yes, it’s true. I bought the original only to discover I would get nickel and dimed to death with a DVD Playback Kit and many more extras. I had 4 XBOX 360 systems fail on me. I’d been burned more times than a rookie firefighter by Microsoft. But, at $299, I bit on the new XBOX ONE on the advice of a friend.

I’m here to admit that I was wrong. Yes, you should buy an XBOX ONE. Not only is this the most fantastic gaming system that I’ve ever played, but the gaming is easy and seamless. This isn’t a blog to bash the PS4, I’m just simply offering my opinion. Having owned both, I like the XBOX ONE a lot better.

Let’s play sometime. ChuckKnowrris

Grab the same amazing deal I did on XBOX ONE!

Farewell, social media.

Farewell, social media. It’s been fun… I guess. The truth is that I’ve taken most of the last two weeks off of social media because I’ve been busy and it’s come to my attention how much more I’ve accomplished. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Goodreads… The list goes on. While having met some incredible folks, each platform is a pretty big time suck when you get right down to it. I suppose I’ll go out on a high note, which for me is having Donald Trump “trending” and not Kim Kardashian’s ass, though opinions vary.

Good luck and Godspeed. I’ll see you in print!