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The truth of the matter is that I’m your typical guy. I married the love of my life back in 2001, we now have a couple of adorable kids and I’d do it all over again. At one point, I thought that a career in fitness was for me. So I worked for a satellite company that everyone hates while pursuing a degree in the fitness field. Then one day I bought a book that changed my life.

“If you could do one thing for the rest of your life (without considering money), what would it be?”

I’m an avid reader, so immediately I considered becoming an author. I dropped out of college and (being the newbie that I was) began digging around for the “how to” when it came to writing books for a living. I took an internship with the Legends Football League and wrote fiction on the side. My very first book, Gunship, did well out of the gates and I was on my way. It didn’t take long for people to start labeling me “the next Edgar Rice Burroughs” and “the last pulp author”. As a fan of both Burroughs and pulp fiction in general, I’ll gladly take it! I like short stories that walk the fine line between weird and interesting. You can have the Twilight series and its thousands of clones, I’ll take strong females, saloons in space and time travel.

Outside of writing for a living, I enjoy reading, retro video games, weightlifting and good music. That usually means Amy Lee or Lindsey Stirling. Most authors write in coffee shops and do lots of book signings. I write here at home and do lots of dishes. Like I said before, I’m your typical guy.

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  1. JMD-seems to be a naming convention problem with the “Gunship” series. Is Book 4 “Geartown” or “The Flight” as advertised at the end of Boot 3?

    1. Chuck, good observation! The entire series was re-branded a while back, and several stories were actually renamed. So, technically both are correct, though most fans consider it to be Geartown.

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