Did we really put a man on the moon? Is it football or soccer? Where will fan-favorite Dalton James strike next? These are the three most commonly asked questions worldwide – Google it.

I have big plans for my infamous gunslinger, though it may be a little different than what readers are used to. Following the conclusion of REDD 2 (in which Dalton appears), our friend will find himself pursuing a destiny filled with horror, mystery, and adventure. Don’t worry, he’s sure to find whiskey, too.

Based in the fictional town of Arkham, Pennsylvania, peculiar “sightings” are the norm. Enter Dalton James’ destiny. As constable of Arkham, which has kept to itself for hundreds of years due to Amish faith, he will combat creatures of the night at every turn.

Five years ago, I would have never believed that I’d be outlining a series that included elements of horror, an Amish town, and our favorite science fiction hero. That said, I am very excited about this project. It’s a breath of fresh air and, I suspect, Dalton feels the same way.

More soon!


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