Editing my first Romance novel

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Previously I’ve mostly edited Science Fiction with a hint of Crime and Fantasy, now the time has come to broaden the horizon and trying something completely new. Romance.

Yes, you read it correctly. Romance. And it’s not even Paranormal Romance which could be classified as Fantasy with some imagination. Just normal Romance. The stuff our mothers, daughters, wives and girlfriends read.

It’s a book called Brookhaven, about an author who moves from sunny Miami to the small, fictional (I think) Canadian town of Brookhaven, near Vancouver. Where unexpectedly romances blossoms.

And how is it? To be honest. It’s a pretty interesting ride even though there are neither spaceships, dragons nor aliens.

As for now, the scheduled release is January 1st, 2017. Book the date in your calendars girls (and boys). You’ll love this book. It will be a perfect read after the New Years festivities.

// D.

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Pre-order Fireside Affair (Brookhaven Series #1) now!
Brookhaven is a fictional town in Canada that’s filled with people just like you and I. The town’s only mechanic drinks a little too much. Brookhaven’s hairstylist likes to gossip. The town’s attorney is not only beautiful – she’s also very lonely.
And then novelist Noah Claybourne moves to town, hoping to outrun his own problems.
Brookhaven is a series about discovering who we truly are. The rest of the world may seem to complicate life, but in Brookhaven, everything makes sense.