The Handsome Collection

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As 2016 comes to a close and I begin the next chapter of my career, I thought it might be a good idea to offer 3 collections of my work at 50% off the usual price. Seriously, it’s the least I can do for the readers who allow me to continue my dream. Fleet: 8 Book Series contains all 8 of the Fleet books, including a #1 bestseller. Immortal: 8 Book Collection contains 8 of my personal favorite stories, including a #1 bestseller and Gunship: 8 Book Series contains all 5 Gunship books, along with its spin-off trilogy, Heroes.

Again, these are all 50% off retail price!

Fleet: 8 Book Series – Amazon Kindle – B&N Nook – Smashwords

Immortal: 8 Book Collection – Amazon Kindle – B&N Nook – Smashwords

Gunship: 8 Book Series – Amazon Kindle – B&N Nook – Smashwords

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Nintendo is only a reflection.


Nintendo is only a reflection of why people are starting to turn on the gaming industry. The NES Classic Edition (or rather the blitz to find one) is honest proof that people are ready to retreat from the time of hour-long downloads and patches and return to a time when you could plug and play. I know…it sounds ridiculous.

But the right system (in this case the NES) bundled with the promise of simplicity is all it took to knock the gaming world on its ass. The Wii U, which was a complete disaster, has now been outsold by this basic console that contains thirty year-old games. Worse is the fact that Nintendo doesn’t even see this trend. They have yet another gimmick system (Nintendo Switch) set to release soon and it has no hope of matching the popularity of this very basic NES Classic Edition.

I’ll keep this blog short because it doesn’t need to be long. Consumers are now sending a strong message to the gaming industry. We’re sick and tired of buying a gaming console on Friday and finally having a chance to play it on Sunday morning. These massive updates try to mask the fact that most games are now rushed to market and not polished enough to stand on their own. XBOX nearly lost the generation of gaming before it left the gates as they tried to force internet connectivity onto their customers. The online-only Steam console has gained no steam whatsoever and the PS4 is merely winning by default.

Could a really simple gaming system please step forward and assume the throne? Could you imagine how large an 8-bit Zelda game would be on a Blu-ray disc?

All of my future work…FREE!


So here’s the deal.

I’m roughly $300 bucks away from “comfortably” writing full-time each month. As in, not having to worry about what (and when) I’m eating. I’ve set up a Patreon page in hopes of hitting that $300 mark. For $2/month, you (or a neighbor…spread the word) can get all of my future work for free! Well, for $2/month, when you get right down to it.

If/when the Patreon page hits $300/month (or more, as I never look a gift horse in the mouth), I will also send each backer all of my previous work! I’m going to continue to write, no matter what. If you can’t afford to donate $2/month, I totally understand. I write for a living, remember? But if you could take a moment to put the word out on Twitter or Facebook, that would be awesome. I would greatly appreciate it.

As always, you guys/gals rock!

Who likes horror?

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Yes folks, just a quick update on my works in progress…including a horror story. Odyssey ($2.99) and The Handsome Collection ($7.99) are coming within the next few weeks. In Odyssey, we take a journey to the center of our world after discovering evidence that the Third Reich not only survived World War 2, but is thriving underground. The Handsome Collection is a 30 story collection that includes everything I’ve published through the end of 2016. At nearly a million words, this thing is a whopper! Graveyard ($2.99) chronicles the lives of two brothers on opposite sides of an interstellar war. This one is great, dear readers. Finally, I’ve started working on Monster Factory ($2.99), which is part detective/mystery and part horror/science fiction. No release date for Monster Factory as of yet, but I think it’s only a couple of months away.

Cheers until next time!

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Free Books


I believe in giving away free books. Why? Because my name isn’t Stephen King or R.A. Salvatore and I don’t enjoy the perks that come along with that kind of name recognition. I try to give away the first book in each series I have available, as well as several short stories. If you like what you read – I have plenty more for sale. If not, well thanks for giving it a go. The bottom line is that I believe in doing things the honest way. So go ahead, knock yourself out. I won’t even pester you with signing up for an email list. These are just 100% free.

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The Awakening



After several years of barely making it in the world of writing and praying for my “big break”, I woke up one Friday morning and realized that there are no big breaks. This was my personal awakening as a writer. I wasn’t upset by this – I was encouraged.

I became a creature of habit. I started getting up at the same time each morning, loading up a familiar playlist of music, and writing at least six good pages a day. Every day. I write when I’m sick and I write when healthy. As I put in the hard work, things began to happen for me.

I don’t write for the money or notoriety and, God willing, I never will. For me, writing is a process where I sit down and escape the world that we live in. I create things that are born from my own imagination and that’s a powerful thing. I’m known throughout the writing community as The Awakening Author. Some might consider me to be brilliant, while others view me as delusional. Either is fine by me, because I see myself as happy. That’s the real pot of gold at the end of this rainbow, not money. Happiness.

I don’t care what your situation is or how beat down you might feel. Spiritually, emotionally, financially…the solution is always the same. Form good habits, have complete faith in your future and work your tail off. Success isn’t a fluke and it certainly isn’t the product of luck. Success is believing in yourself when things are at their worst and then staying the course. Each of us is our own biggest critic. Once you convince yourself that you can – you will.

So now you know why I’m The Awakening Author and what the logo stands for. You never give up and you certainly don’t let life dictate who you are. Life is a sandbox and you are building whatever you want. So go build it.


Heroes: The Second Edition

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It’s time to give the Heroes series a makeover. Book one (Heroes of Destiny) briefly held the #1 spot for its genre and remains one of my personal favorites. In fact, I can still pick this thing up and laugh while reading it through. But I’ve learned a few tricks since writing this series and now it’s time to dive back in and improve it where I can. If you haven’t picked them up yet, I encourage you to do so (the first book is free). Keep in mind that you’ll be getting the first edition until 1/1/2017, at which time it’ll be gone forever.

As always, thanks for the continued support!  -JD


What if Adolf Hitler was alive? When Jack Carter’s grandfather suddenly passes away, he receives a leather journal, as well as plenty of money, under the promise that he will continue Grandpa Carter’s search for the truth.

With the help of two of his closest friends, Jack soon discovers the truth, and it will haunt him until the day he dies.

A world, miles beneath our own feet, filled with predatory creatures and strange races of beings. A sanctuary that time has somehow forgotten. Welcome to Odyssey, a place where anything is possible – even magic.

Expected release date 1/1/2017

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