Saving the #LFL Football brand in a single blog post.


Let me be clear when I say that the LFL Football brand isn’t going under. I enjoyed my time writing for the LFL and they are doing pretty well, all things considered. The football is excellent and I have a lot of respect for the folks who run the league, including Mitch Mortaza, who I believe is a brilliant man.

That said, I’m going to make the LFL a lot better with a single blog post.

Stay American. Football, by design, is an American sport. I believe that the LFL would be better served by staying within the United States and working hard on keeping franchises in cities long-term, rather than shifting them around every year or two.

Sell the franchises. In fact, selling the franchises to local ownership groups would give the LFL more capital while freeing Mitch and his crew up to focus on the league as a whole.

Open an online shop. My neighbor sells Avon online. If you’re going to be considered the women’s NFL, you need an online shop. It’s long overdue and it can be done with minimal investment upfront.

Enough with the lists. The “top/hottest” lists are played out. Current fans of the LFL already know the women are good looking, and you’re pushing a lot of potential fans away by publishing these lists. It’s a novelty move at best; an amateur move at worst. Let their stellar play on the field expand your brand.

A points system. Players in this league don’t get paid. This is controversial, but I also believe it’s the right move – for now. But it also wreaks havoc when it comes to player moves, which often sees top players from bad teams moving to playoff teams prior to the playoffs. Instead, assign each player in the league a number (based on her ability and value to their team) and implement a number cap for each team. This is a salary cap minus offering salaries. It would level the playing field and keep things honest. Of course if you sold the franchises to ownership groups, there’s a chance these women could be paid for their efforts.


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