I’m Coming to YouTube!

Technically, I’m already there, but I’m actually investing time and effort into a brand new YouTube Channel that should debut sometime this August!


Let’s face it, authors on YouTube are a dime a dozen, so I am hoping to make my channel a little different. Sure, there’ll be plenty of writing tips, but I won’t be reviewing books or begging for buzz through Kindle giveaways. Nope, I’ll be doing pretty much everything that I think is cool. Things like workout tips for us normal guys and which coffee to buy (and enjoy) on the cheap.



2 thoughts on “I’m Coming to YouTube!

  1. Cool beans. Looking forward to see the uniqueness of your YouTube channel. After awhile, authors’ content starts blending with each other. I haven’t quite tackled YouTube, regarding being an author, but I’m willing to learn. Right now, most ofmy videos have been about drawing comics.

    Keep smiling,

    • Thanks. There’s sure to be some writing stuff on my YouTube Channel, but it will focus largely on my own personal interests. Given the way I think, it should be interesting.

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