Zombies and then some.



Because of your nominations over on Kindle ScoutWicked is doing great! In fact, it’s doing so well that I will be writing zombie tales for a very long time to come. Plus it doesn’t hurt that I enjoyed working on this project, right? I mean it was fun! Right now I’m in this weird place where I’m trying to decide between a sequel to Wicked or something completely new. All that’s for sure at this point is that it will involve the living dead and that I’ll share plenty of details soon enough.



A Wicked Update

We’re a long way from the finish line, but Wicked is doing very well out of the gates. It’s getting plenty of views and even trended on the ‘hot list’ for a bit, though I don’t have access to the number of nominations it’s received. I want to make this clear: Wicked will publish no matter what. The reason I’ve asked for your help in nominating it on Kindle Scout is that, if accepted, Amazon will back the title and put its own marketing muscle behind my very first full-length novel.

It’s about zombies, folks! Even better, it’s unique enough to stand on its own. I love the characters in this story, and I’d very much love to turn Wicked into a series. In order to do that, I still need your help.

Every single nomination matters. The process is simple. You click my Kindle Scout link, you click ‘nominate me’ and then we both wait. The truth is, I wish I had the name recognition and financial means to pour a lot of money into marketing this book. Like most indie authors though, I don’t. What I do have is a fantastic WordPress crowd, and so I’m asking each of you to take ten seconds and help me out. It’d mean the world.


I hope you like zombies.

I could really use your help! I recently wrote my first full-length novel and it’s about zombies. In fact, it exists in the same universe as EMMA, which many of you have asked for more of. Thing is, my newest book Wicked is currently going head-to-head with several other potential novels over on Kindle Scout. If it’s selected, this thing will get a proper publishing and lots of marketing power!

Here’s where you come in. By taking five seconds to ‘nominate’ this book (which is totally free, BTW), you greatly increase its odds of being selected. It’s as simple as clicking the link and then clicking the ‘nominate’ button. If it’s selected, you get a free copy of the book via Amazon. Thanks!