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The Gunship series has been rebranded, but continues to impress readers across the globe. It delivers the perfect mix of science fiction, fantasy, western, and there’s even a little steampunk to be had. It’s pulp fiction, folks, and it’s an ongoing series. Get caught up with previous stories (above), and then get ready for the next release!

UP NEXT: Gunship XI: Cloak of War


The krall have beaten humanity back and devoured most of the star system. Now, under the leadership of Foster, humanity will team up with a very unlikely ally. But will the combination of Colonial heroes and vampire champions be enough to stave off annihilation at the hands of the wolves?

A Couple of Reveals

GScloakofwar   vampire-2859353.jpg

If I’m lucky, you folks have already noticed the rebranding of my Gunship series. Well, on top of a new series logo and covers for each previous story, I’ll soon be adding two brand new stories to the stable! Cloak of War will land first, followed by Queen of Shadows. This is where I take the heroes of each previous story, bring them together, and point them into the same direction. We’re talking interstellar war, espionage, and even a bit of magic! I’m 1/2 finished with the rough draft of Cloak of War, and I anticipate having both of these novellas on sale by the end of 2017. So, until then, dust off the Gunship series thus far and start reading. That’s what I’ve been doing.