A Wicked Good Time


A zombie novel that includes: killer meatloaf, one pissed off veteran, a Bass Pro Shops store, a love story, the theme song to Top Gun, and more! Not only does Wicked deliver hours of good reading – this book also looks fantastic on your coffee table (or virtual coffee table, if eBooks are your thing).

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After Vampires


Humans now live among vampires, forced onto reservations much like the Native Americans of our past. We live in fear. We understand the atrocities that took place against our people on V day. We pray that the vampires’ own civil war weakens them so that we stand a chance of surviving.

The vampires have been among us for seventeen painful years, having descended from the stars in their ships designed for torture and culling. They came united – they now stand divided, bootstrapped by humans who’ve chosen their own side in this war. Humans who are prepared to fight until the end. Three distinct sides that are now gridlocked in the bloodiest event our world has ever known.

Extinction. Dominance. Survival. Only one can prevail in the end.

After Vampires – Fall 2018!

Survivor Claytor Lake


You can help: donate spare change via PayPal and/or subscribe to the Survivor Claytor Lake YouTube page.


The tech side of Survivor: Claytor Lake. Well, we’ll be using 7 smartphones for Season 1. No – these are smartphones that are dedicated for the show, and owned by our production staff. All but one of them is able to produce super HD resolution, and these puppies will be totally blanked prior to filming in order to maximize the amount of raw footage we’re able to get. Confessionals will be shot with 5ft selfie sticks (which should be interesting). We’ll be using store-bought tribal necklaces, as well as a handful of slick looking dice (including a 20-sided dice for advantages).

Back at the Ponderosa, we’re currently running four computers (3 laptops, 1 tower). One of the laptops is our primary editing laptop, a second is a storage dump, a third is being used for sound, and the tower is exclusively for the final product, which we’ll upload Season 1 to YouTube and also begin burning it onto DVDs. No, these DVDs will not be for sale (for copyright reasons). They will be distributed to the contestants and given out locally to (hopefully) drum up interest.

Finally, we are planning future seasons! As with any fan-made Survivor show, the product will no doubt take a giant leap forward after our first season is finished. This is our test drive. We’re still figuring out what type of equipment we need and how this thing works behind the scenes. Plenty of folks have asked if we’ll be accepting applications for Season 2 – good question. We haven’t gotten that far just yet. Subscribe and keep watching those updates!


Survivor: Claytor Lake

Yes folks, the rumors are true. I’ll be taking part (co-producing, in fact) in a fan-made Survivor series this summer and it will be featured on YouTube. Yep, I’m still writing, but I’m also a huge fan of this TV show and couldn’t pass this opportunity up! If you want to get to know me better than ever before – subscribe to the YouTube channel. It takes two seconds. From there, you’ll begin seeing videos each week from the Ponderosa as we begin filming this, er, masterpiece.