The R.E.D.D. Movie Canon


We’re hard at work on developing the R.E.D.D. canon. I’ve been reading your emails and working closely with R.E.D.D.’s Patrick Prejusa, and I can assure you that cool things are on the horizon. We’re taking a look at everything from comic books to officially licensed merchandise. Ultimately the decisions are Patrick’s to make, but I do know that he’s working hard to make a comic book happen, and he also wants to expand the R.E.D.D. universe. As for the sequel (R.E.D.D. – Through the Rabbit Hole), things are well underway. I’m about six thousand words in and that’s growing by the day. It will undergo a massive editing process, be placed in a fancy cover, at which time the launch of this book will shake the publishing world at its core.

Thanks for your continued support as we grow this franchise!

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