Living With Vertigo

So, apparently vertigo is a real thing. I’ve written about it (in a humorous way) a few times in Gunship, only to find out that nothing’s funny about it. My world is literally spinning. Caffeine seems to work for a bit, as do the prescription meds. Still, this one blindsided me. LUCKILY, REDD 2 was already in cue to be published on 8/4 and is currently available for preorder. As for the next project?

We’ll have to wait and see. If you’re a fan of REDD (or if you haven’t picked up my latest story Wicked) then I suggest you pick this baby up, as it also includes Wicked as a bonus read.


Based on the feature film! Alice Little is a super soldier from the future, she just doesn’t know it yet. The GRIMM Corporation has sent its top assassin (Snow) to deal with the last R.E.D.D. agent. After a mishap lands them in the year 1997, Snow formulates a plan to end GRIMM’s biggest threat, once and for all. Meanwhile, Alice Little will enlist the help of Magic Valley’s finest detective, leading to the ultimate showdown of good vs. evil.

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REDD lands 8/3/2018!



Writing is hard work! I once got an email from a guy who disputed that, and I politely explained to him that it wasn’t “back-breaking” work, but writing is hard. Competing with mainstream authors isn’t as easy as you might think. They have publishing companies who are willing to fork out thousands of dollars for advertising. Honestly, I don’t have that kind of money to advertise with. I rely on a strong work ethic and word of mouth from my readers.

If you’d like to buy me a coffee, that’d be great! I’ve made it as easy as possible. Simply hit the PayPal page and donate a few bucks via PayPal. Be sure to include your name in the comments during the payment process so I can thank you in an upcoming video or blog.

A lot of authors who helped me when I first started writing have quit and moved on to other things. Writing doesn’t pay much, I get it, but I can’t quit. My passion won’t allow it. So I’ll continue to write about strange settings and interesting characters and hope that hard work and a belief in destiny is enough. The next time you buy a coffee, remember your favorite author.


A Brief History of Gunship

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I first published Gunship in 2011. From there, readers continued to ask for stories just as fast as I could write them. The Gunship series centers around a small crew of smugglers caught in the middle of a galactic civil war, and introduces readers to both our heroes, and the vibrant Skyla Star System.


f1 f2 f3

The Fleet series takes place between Gunship #5 and Gunship #6, and basically gives our favorite crew a proper sendoff while introducing new characters. There’s also a heavy focus on a brand new super race of beings, the Krall.


Gunship/Fleet stories take place in the Skyla System, a star system much like our very own, though vast beyond any human comparisons. While the Skyla System does, in fact, have three “sun” stars, it pulls most of its heat and light from the largest, which is known as “green sun”. The smaller two combine with green sun and dilute most of its green tint, though several of the inner most planets continue to see green throughout the daytime.

There are several key players in an ongoing war that has now spanned hundreds of years: Colonials, Legion, Drifters, Hunters, Benzans, and Infected.

  • Colonials are allied with Drifters and fight for both freedom and peace. Among the heroes of the Colonial Army: Dalton James, Adam Michaels, and Roman Raines.
  • Legion sworn are “loosely” allied with Hunters as they have the same agenda: totalitarian government. There is an unspoken agreement that they will wipe out their foes first, and then fight one another for complete domination. Legion heroes include: Vladris, Sarah, and Foster.
  • Drifters are a mixture of American Wild West and Amish. While they shun technology for the most part, gunslinging outlaws and tough-as-nails sheriffs rule the day.
  • Hunters are the Skyla System’s equivalent of vampires. No, they don’t sleep in caskets or fear garlic. They simply are stronger, have the power to regenerate after injury, and live for their religion, a queen’s rule, and observe a code that is thousands of years old.
  • Very little is known about the Void. This is an area in which ships have flown, never to return. It is the rumored home of the Benzan Mafia, and also the gateway to other galaxies and races, should they exist.
  • The Infected were first born through Legion science. Once out of control, the Legion briefly joined the rest of the universe in trying to combat this new virus which renders its hosts zombie-like. While not technically dead, hosts exceed living temperatures and only exists to kill. Not for food – only to kill.

Conflict planets are places of indefinite war. Many non-conflict planets welcome anyone so long as they have credits (money) in their pockets. The infected have been reduced to roughly 1% of the Skyla System’s total population, but many people still fear them. It is because of this fear that nearly 20% of the Skyla System’s total population now live aboard large ships which serve as space stations. These are also places of heavy trade among the factions. Each faction has its heroes and its problems.

This is the setting in which my bestselling series Gunship exists. Join us.

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“Understanding the Tempest is the key to everything.”

Shortly after being transported to the Tempest during a World War 2 firefight, Lincoln Davenport is left with more questions than answers. He slowly learns of the interstellar webbing that is Tempest.

Strongly guarded towers are the only means of travel from planet to planet, and everywhere Lincoln turns, humans are the hunted. Along with a German SS officer, a former bookstore owner, and a makeshift sniper, Lincoln will try to decode the Tempest in hopes of one day returning home. Until then, all they can do is survive.

The Tempest Prologue is available now and free on most major eBook platforms. It offers a 3 chapter preview of John Davis’ upcoming epic-length novel. Venus is the second installment and should arrive at the end of 2018! 



The REDD 2 Cover Reveal!

Here it is, fans, in all of its glory!


The official cover (above) will appear on all formats of REDD 2 (Kindle, Nook, iBooks, Draft2Digital, Smashwords, and paperback). However, the official artwork by April Crum (below) will be available in print! 


You may already know that REDD creator Patrick Prejusa has been battling multiple health problems as of late. REDD 2 (Down the Rabbit Hole) is based on his vision and exists to both further the story, and to help Patrick during this tough time. A REDD comic book is also in the works. As for this project, it will be available for pre-order and we’ll post a specific date as soon as we round third base and close in on finishing up.

Until then, thank you the interest. Sharing this reveal would be a huge help!