I’m bestselling author John M. Davis and, in the writing community, I’m known as the Book Commander. I’m a redneck at heart and I’d rather be out in the woods than anywhere else on the planet. I like to shoot a good bow or take a vehicle off-road, but I also happen to be a fan of classic writing like The Iliad and I enjoy studying the teachings of Plato. I know, it’s a strange combination.

I’ve written over 30 stories since 2011, including a few bestsellers. I started a podcast in 2018, and I use it to help new and struggling authors free of charge. I talk about the art of writing, how to market writing, and lots of other things that authors like to charge for. I don’t believe in charging people to help them, it’s not how I was raised.

I hate all things technology but thankfully my best friend doesn’t. In fact, he calls himself a “media mogul” (whatever that is) and together we make a good team. He sets up the podcast equipment and I talk about writing.

Outside of writing, I’ve been happily married since 2001. We live in a small town in Southwest Virginia and have two awesome kids. We enjoy hanging out, hitting our favorite vacation spots, farmers markets, etc. I’m a huge fan of the shows Survivor, The Office, and Parks and Recreation, though I still prefer to read. I enjoy fiction, but I stay away from anything newer than the 1950s, which is probably why my writing reads like older pulp fiction. I’m good with that. I’m also pursuing a graduate degree in history, and I’m a minority owner of the Saskatchewan Roughriders football team. I’m not a fan of smart phones, self-checkout lines, or celebrities who become “social media activists” after 20 minutes of research on Twitter.


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