Gunship I (The Flight) AmazonB&N 

Gunship II (The Glimmerian War) AmazonB&N 

Gunship III (Reflections) AmazonB&N 

Gunship IV (Gears and Spears) AmazonB&N 

Gunship V (Legendary) AmazonB&N 

Gunship VI (Space Rebels) AmazonB&N 

Gunship VII (Bone Harvest) AmazonB&N 

Gunship VIII (Ghost Planet) AmazonB&N 

Gunship IX (Skyfall) AmazonB&N 

Gunship X (Lagoon) AmazonB&N 

Gunship XI (Cloak of War) –  AmazonB&N 

The Fleet AmazonB&N 

Fleet II (The Bloodwar) AmazonB&N 

Fleet III (Chaotic Worlds) AmazonB&N 

Fleet IV (The Afterworlds) AmazonB&N 

Fleet V (The Run)  Amazon – B&N 

Fleet VI (The Great War) AmazonB&N 

Fleet VII (Vampire Hunters) AmazonB&N 

Fleet VIII (The Return of Fear) AmazonB&N 

Fleet IX (The Colony) Amazon 

Fleet X (Graveyard) AmazonB&N 

R.E.D.D. (The Official Movie Novelization) Amazon B&N 

Hollow Earth AmazonB&N 

Wicked (A Zombie Story) AmazonB&N 

Nocturne – AmazonB&N 

Atlantis AmazonB&N 

Brookhaven AmazonB&N 

Man Against Machine AmazonB&N

Terminus: Ghost Planet AmazonB&N 

Tempest (A Prologue) AmazonB&N 



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