I Defeated Lex.


Lex Luthor, folks. Or in this case actor Jon Cryer. Now that the whirlwind is over, let’s explore how the Redneck Superman vs. Lex Luthor event went down. Cryer’s tweet appeared in my feed (it was RT’d by one of my followers, I think) and I responded. I spoke my mind, and what I still feel is the truth. You see, Hollywood has this smugness about it. The rich and the famous (and in most cases, uninformed) throw out their political opinions and us peons are supposed to accept it as the Gospel. Why? Well, because they’re rich and famous, of course!

Not the Book Commander. I called Cryer out on his own platform and in front of his own largely-liberal following. Alyssa Milano came to his defense, as did George Takei, Chuck Wendig, and upon a Google search, Josh Jackson (the guy from Dawson’s Creek – I miss the 90s!). And, of course, hundreds of thousands of their supporters.

I stood firm.

See, I believe that everyone has the right to have an opinion. I don’t look at net worth or “fame” but rather…facts. Jon Cryer was parroting off the same call to action that every other Hollywood elite seems to default to: emotion. President Trump is mean! He’s a racist! He must be impeached! Why, for doing his job? You cannot point to a report that has been years in the making if President Trump is using said report to prove that it was (and it was) a witch hunt.

I returned home to an inbox and Twitter feed of around 200,000 (not joking) messages and most of them were not good. People demanded that I leave the Internet at once! I didn’t, of course, because the court of public opinion means squat to me. I also knew that, much like a herd of walkers on TWD, these liberal trolls go wherever their leadership tells them to go. They have no real bearings of their own, they simply do what they are told. I knew that within the span of a few days they would move along to the next barked order by Alyssa Milano, who I truly don’t know outside of my NHL Spring Catalog. True story.

Our story made it all the way to Fox News before the attention of the walkers moved on past. I continued to stand tall. The crew here at the Ponderosa gave me a sweet trophy that reads I Defeated Lex for standing my ground. Most people would have buckled beneath the pressure of a former Star Trek actor, a ragamuffin author, a NHL catalog model, and a guy who’s been broke since Dawson and Joey parted ways. I didn’t. In fact, I never truly got an answer from Jon Cryer. Instead, I was given a list of opinions, recycled CNN talking points, and vague pointing to the Mueller Report, which fell flat in the end. A couple of days into the fiasco people began messaging me with support and I even had a few liberals admit to the fact that Cryer posted nothing of actual substance.

No folks, this isn’t my first fifteen minutes and I assure you that it won’t be my last. Defeating Hollywood’s finest vampires with logic was gratifying, but defeating the real life Lex Luthor truly puts a smile on my face. Look for the complete podcast September 2019!



The #bookcommander and Jon Cryer


> The I Defeated Lex Update <

Well, I just got home from seeing Aladdin (pretty good movie, BTW) to find that Jon Cryer responded to one of my posts on Twitter. Yes, the Jon Cryer. I guess I should be blinded by the fact that he’s Duckie from one of my wife’s favorite 80s movies, but to me he’s just another guy (and an incredibly talented actor).

I asked for a list and he gave me one. I’ll admit it: I thought Cryer was just another delusional actor (Alyssa Milano?) who hates President Trump simply because he is, well, President Trump, but to my surprise Cryer actually presented a list of reasons to back up his statement.


Most of his list is based on allegations made via mainstream media. Not actual information, mind you, but a slew of anonymous “sources” and maybe even the opinion of Don Lemon’s camera guy. The point is: I’ve learned to be a critical thinker. Sources of information are important to me. This tweet was a safe play on my part because there is no evidence of impeachable wrongdoing – if there were, President Trump would have been impeached a long time ago. I responded and told Cryer that I wasn’t trying to troll him, and that I respected his right to have an opinion although I respectfully disagree with it.


Trust me (or find the thread on Twitter), Cryer’s legion of followers were anything but respectful to me. That’s when I discovered that Jon Cryer, himself, is a follower.


Ah yes, the vampire lord himself. Ol’ Chuckie Boy. Not only did Chuck Wendig ruin Star Wars on the literary front before being fired, but he also moonlights as the Sheev Palpatine of misinformation. Wendig has long pandered to a crowd of fangbangers who are incapable of having their own opinions. But Jon Cryer? Duckie, you are better than this! I had no idea that lit vampires had this kind of reach.

Yesterday I signed off (from podcasting) for 2 1/2 months to spend time with my family and enjoy the summer. A day later, Two and a Half Men’s co-star is lecturing me with falsehoods that are based on tweets by the Obi-Wan Kenobi of ignorance. I had just gotten home from seeing a movie for God’s sake! The taste of fake butter was still in my mouth.

I leave this experience with a newfound respect for Jon Cryer. Even if the guy is retweeting my mortal enemy – and Chuck Wendig is that and then some – I respect Cryer for having an opinion. He strikes me as a decent guy who just happens to be on the other side of the aisle of American politics. He’s still American. We all need a basic level of respect for one another at the end of the day.

Except you, Chuck Wendig. There is something in a lion’s DNA that prevents me from ever respecting you.



Andy Griffith

Yep, I know, this is an odd post for a science fiction author in 2019. I also know that I’m running behind on blogging (trust me, I read the emails). Still, for those of you who don’t know, Mayberry actually exists. It’s called Mount Airy, folks, and it’s about 1 hour from my house! A few days ago we drove down to visit the town itself, which still includes a lot of things you remember seeing on the classic TV show.


Yep, these are the actual doors and placards used on the Andy Griffith Show, and they now sit in the Andy Griffith Museum which is not only a fantastic place to visit, but sits on the same real estate that Griffith’s high school once stood. I even had the chance to sit in THE barber’s chair from the show – Floyd’s City Barber Shop is still there! Yea, I get it, most of the show was filmed in California and not in North Carolina, but Griffith and friends secured a lot of the film’s props when the show ended, and they are now located throughout the town in which Griffith based the show.

Mount Airy has reconstructed the actual sheriff’s office (I got to touch Andy’s desk!), the shop Helen worked at is still in operation, as is Griffith’s favorite place to eat (Snappy’s), and you actually see the real police squad cars carrying tourists around.


Why am I telling you this? Because I’m an old-school guy. I’m not into Jersey Shore or Game of Thrones. I’m into the classics – shows like Andy Griffith. I believe that this Golden Age of Hollywood delivered a product that will never be bested. They didn’t rely on remake after remake, and they typically didn’t sell a product based on sex appeal. They didn’t have to. The writing was that good.

I encourage all of you to make your way to Mount Airy, N.C., if the opportunity ever presents itself. The town is divided by train tracks and on one side you have your chain restaurants, your strip malls (complete with Wal-Mart), and your cell phone zombies who could care less about the history of good entertainment. But once you cross those tracks you’re in for a treat. You’ll find yourself back in the 1940s which, compared to 2019, must have been one incredible time period to live in.



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The Book Commander Brand


I know, folks, it’s been a while. To be completely honest, I’ve been busy podcasting while also attending college and fighting off some health issues. Even so, I haven’t stopped writing. I’m in this really strange place where I’m questioning the genre I write in, a lot of the content I’ve written, while also trying to build the Book Commander Brand.

What is the brand? We’re doing our very best to strengthen the platform, so to speak. Twitter, YouTube, Twitch, Patreon, PayPal, Instagram, iTunes, SoundCloud, Google Play – you name it, we’re building it. Other than iHeartRadio, of course. If you follow the podcast then you know the deal: the Book Commander Podcast has basically been blacklisted from iHeart due to (we believe) the fact that we’re making noise as the only anti-traditional publishing broadcast out there.

I’m doing everything I can to help new and struggling authors, period. That’s what the Book Commander Brand is all about. As emails and tweets come in, and as I see social media posts abroad, I act accordingly. The “Ratpack” as I’ve come to know it is a group of young authors who I stared out with. I suppose you could call us the “Class of 2011”. I’m sad to report that as of four hours ago there are only 2 of us left (we once stood two dozen strong). Most of the Ratpack have now shuttered their social accounts and abandoned writing, and they’ve done so because of the publishing industry and its evil underbelly.

I’m on a mission to expose that evil underbelly.

I have watched my friends be systematically destroyed, one by one, by the vampires of the publishing world. I’ve seen hopes and dreams shattered and as the trend of self-publishing grows, these vampires become more and more desperate, doing anything they can to hold what real estate they can, even if it means ruining the careers of many aspiring authors. I’m fighting this “machine” and, as I said on one of my podcasts, I am the “rage against the machine”. I need your help. If you can afford to help fund this effort please do, and if you can’t help financially then I’m asking you to support me by liking and following our platforms. The Big Six publishers and their lit agents have massive war chests of resources in which to pull from. We don’t – the Book Commander Brand consists of a handful of people, a shoestring budget, and the truth. Join us!


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