The Angry Writer: Episode 2


The Hate Mail Begins

Well, to be honest, hate mail has been happening since late 2011. But I’m talking about The Angry Writer Podcast related hate mail. Yes, I spoke to several writing friends prior to launching this podcast and most of them warned me. They tried to warn me, at least.


Honestly I expected better, even from the fangbangers. This guy (a Chuckie Wendig follower, of course) swooped in to defend his idol and, in doing so, shamed my podcast (which is a day old) for having no viewers. Yes, random guy with 16 views on your month-old feature video, I hear you. I’ve no ill will for you, even though I had more views today as I walked to the mailbox to check for my wish.com deliveries. A couple of people were mowing. They waved.

You see, rather than bash you online I plan to feature your podcast on my podcast this week! That’s right, I’m going to do everything in my power to send viewership your way. I’m here to help all fangbangers, even you. Most of you have been waiting in line for so long that you honestly don’t know any better at this point. Vampires: Bad. Soul-sucking leeches of the publishing industry that will use and dispose of you as they see fit. Lit Lions: Good. We are the ones that the vampires fear, and for good reason. We’re here to help you.

What’s all this talk about vampires and lions? This week’s podcast explains all. Oh, by the way, the podcast is doing fine. We’re not focused on YouTube views so much as we are funneling looks from Twitter to iTunes. Just saying.



What do you need help with, Struggling Author?

The Angry Writer Podcast is officially on iTunes! If you’re a new or struggling author, I’d love to know what you need help with. I plan to respond to each of these questions on the podcast and I’m ready to tackle anything – covers, formatting, marketing, you name it!

This is your opportunity to make huge strides in the world of publishing. This podcast is free of charge as I’m doing this with only one goal in mind: to help struggling authors reach their full potential.

I’m tired of watching the vampires in this industry feed on the creative souls of aspiring authors and then toss them into the heap of “people who used to write”.  Subscribe on YouTube. Download the podcast on iTunes. Send your questions to:


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The Podcast Equipment Has Arrived!

*Just a quick update: The podcast equipment has arrived and we’re in the process of getting everything set up. The kids gloves are coming off for this show. Consider yourself warned. Currently, this is an audio-only podcast with dreams of one day streaming in HD video (we’re on a shoestring budget). If you are a new or struggling author, you need this podcast. I guarantee you that this will instantly become the most controversial and informative podcast on all things writing and publishing.


Why so angry?

I’m sick and tired of watching new and struggling authors get scammed by the so-called “experts” and I’m on a mission to help each and every one of you – free of charge. The writing industry is nothing like it appears to be. After a decade of writing (and a handful of bestsellers) I’m about to expose it for what it is. Be warned, this is not your typical podcast on writing. Buy the #LitLion merch if you want to. Donate if you can. Either way, Lions own the day!

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Stories Are Like Children

This morning, it occurs to me that stories are like children. As authors, we give birth to these things and slowly groom them for adulthood (well, in this case, we publish them for the world to see). Once they’re ready, we publish our children into a world of readers and hope that they can stand on their own two feet. After all, that’s what determines success or failure in this industry, not necessarily sales.

Since I’ve produced a good amount of these “children”, I’d like to list my Top-5. Yep, as parents we don’t actually have favorites (I don’t. Both of my kiddos rock.), but as authors we do get to pick our favorites. Here are mine:

5. Hollow Earth. This is one of my least popular stories, but man was it fun to write! Sometimes writing can feel like a chore. Other times, it’s a blitz of euphoria. This baby was a blast from start to finish, and looking back I believe it’s a good story.

4. Nocturne. I’ve considered giving this puppy a new name and a rewrite somewhere along the way. Sure, it’s a strange story, but all I did was sit down and peck the keyboard. The inspiration for this story came to me all at once and I had no choice but to publish it. I think Nocturne stands the test of time.

3. Gunship: Bone Harvest. This one has underwent all sorts of changes before finally finding a home within the Gunship umbrella. Still, this particular story consumed about two months of my life, and I doubt the smile ever left my face during that time. A fun read. A fun project.

2. Atlantis. I can still remember spending the better part of a summer mapping out the city of Atlantis in a notebook and then whacking away at it on a laptop. It is impossible not to love this story. Sadly, this is likely to be my least popular story. I had planned this as the first book of many – hopefully one day.

Finally, 1. Wicked. This is some of my best work. I can still remember finishing the final edit on this baby, saving it, and instantly realizing that it was special. I can remember laughing out loud while writing the Top Gun scene. This is a roller coaster of zombie wickedness, hence the name.

Honorable Mention: REDD, Ghost Planet, Brookhaven.

Who knows, maybe I’ll get around to Top-5 list of stories that I didn’t enjoy writing/publishing. Trust me, I have those as well. I suppose we’ll call them the “problem children”, eh?