I hope you like zombies.

I could really use your help! I recently wrote my first full-length novel and it’s about zombies. In fact, it exists in the same universe as EMMA, which many of you have asked for more of. Thing is, my newest book Wicked is currently going head-to-head with several other potential novels over on Kindle Scout. If it’s selected, this thing will get a proper publishing and lots of marketing power!

Here’s where you come in. By taking five seconds to ‘nominate’ this book (which is totally free, BTW), you greatly increase its odds of being selected. It’s as simple as clicking the link and then clicking the ‘nominate’ button. If it’s selected, you get a free copy of the book via Amazon. Thanks!


Pulp Science Fiction

In 2011, I published my first science fiction novella Gunship. Several years (and three best-sellers later), I’ve embraced the fact that I write pulp science fiction for a living. Here’s a complete list of the Gunship series and its two spin-offs, Fleet and Reach.

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The #Nintendo Family


Farewell Playstation (and XBOX, although you’ve been gone for a while now). Earlier today, my son informed me (as only a child can) that we are going to be a “Nintendo family” from now on. I’ve gotta admit, I’m gonna miss games like Destiny and Uncharted, but I’m also excited to get back to the games I grew up to. “It’s dangerous to go alone! Take this.” the old man said. Yea, he wasn’t lying. You see, as a full-time writer I have to limit things like my social life, sunlight and video games. That’s the reason I’ve gotta kick the rest to the curb.

Anybody out there a Nintendo gamer? I need to find out everything I can about these Amiibo – my son’s orders.


The Journal of Dalton James


What’s a young man supposed to do? The Legion threatened war today as the newly-formed Colonial Movement started announcing their own government. Ain’t no higher education in my future and I damn sure don’t plan on being a ditch digger like my daddy was. No sir, I signed on for military service with the Colonials and got a two-thousand credit bonus for doing it. Hell, everyone I know is signing up. I reckon this whole thing might blow over eventually, but it’s looking more like war each day. The hunters sided with the Legion almost immediately, which didn’t hurt my feelings none. I never did have much of a liking for the undead, especially vampires. The husk are with us, at least that’s what the newspapers are saying.

Truth is, I ain’t got a dog in this fight one way or another. My home planet just happens to be on the Colonial side of things and they’re paying a king’s ransom to fight, so that’s what I’m doing. I ship out in three days and they’re gonna train us on Glimmeria. A lot of guys are bitching about it – they say the heat there is ridiculous. Well, this farm boy is about to find out. Until then, two-thousand credits oughta bring me a fair amount of whiskey and skirt. More soon.

As work continues on the brand new series that will chronicle the First Glimmerian War, get caught up by reading about the Second Glimmerian War and its aftermath!

gunship8book fleet8book



My Biggest Regret

OK, my biggest regret when it comes to writing. This isn’t some romance confessional here, and I’m proud to say that my life has turned out pretty much the best way it could have. I married the right woman, did it for the right reasons and we have two of the greatest kids you could ask for.

No, I mean if I could go back in time six years and change one thing about my time as a writer, what would it be?


I would have went in with the knowledge that my Gunship series was going to catch fire right out of the gates. In fact, I would have written the first few books prior to publishing and I would have went with my original idea. Honestly, I had planned to break the crew (Roman, Dalton, Adam) up and begin three spin-offs. Instead, the night before I published Legendary, I went back in and completely rewrote the ending.


I’m Coming to YouTube!

Technically, I’m already there, but I’m actually investing time and effort into a brand new YouTube Channel that should debut sometime this August!


Let’s face it, authors on YouTube are a dime a dozen, so I am hoping to make my channel a little different. Sure, there’ll be plenty of writing tips, but I won’t be reviewing books or begging for buzz through Kindle giveaways. Nope, I’ll be doing pretty much everything that I think is cool. Things like workout tips for us normal guys and which coffee to buy (and enjoy) on the cheap.


Extreme Makeover (Author Edition)

I’m not sure about you guys and gals, but some of my older book covers are like bad yearbook photos.


I mean, they seemed like a good idea at the time (just like tall hair or parachute pants). The thing is, not only has my writing improved over the past six years, but apparently my eye for art has, too. So for you longtime readers out there, plenty of changes are on the horizon. Good changes, not classic movie reboots that end up sucking hard.

Also, my upcoming novel: