I’ve made it to the other side

I’ve reached a very important milestone in the profession of writing. Brace yourself, it’s likely the first time you’ve ever heard an author say it. I don’t care if my work is selling or not. I no longer log into my publishing accounts and click away like some sort of trained monkey. Do I hope that readers enjoy what I’m writing? Of course I do. I … Continue reading I’ve made it to the other side


   Unlike most authors, I’m not going to browbeat you into signing up for my special rewards list. These two books are 100% absolutely free. Enjoy! Amazon Kindle: Gunship #1 – Colony #1 B&N Nook: Gunship #1 – Colony #1 Smashwords: Gunship #1 – Colony #1 *Please note that Smashwords delivers to third party devices such as the iPad, Kobo, Diesel and Sony Reader. Continue reading .

Gunship/Fleet Data

Skyla System: Home to 1,278 planets, including 27 giants, 13 suns,  41 non-habitable moons and 5 large space stations. Humans: The most dominant race of beings in the Skyla System. Husk: Orc in appearance. Green skin, exceptionally muscular and several feet taller than the average human. Sworn enemies of the hunters. Hunters: Gothic vampires who generally push for the destruction of humanity, but not always. … Continue reading Gunship/Fleet Data

Saving the #LFL Football brand in a single blog post.

Let me be clear when I say that the LFL Football brand isn’t going under. I enjoyed my time writing for the LFL and they are doing pretty well, all things considered. The football is excellent and I have a lot of respect for the folks who run the league, including Mitch Mortaza, who I believe is a brilliant man. That said, I’m going to … Continue reading Saving the #LFL Football brand in a single blog post.

TNA Wrestling isn’t dead yet.

It’s become an annual event of sorts, hasn’t it? Around this time of the year rumors tend to swirl that TNA Wrestling is going under. Well this year I’m not buying it. Sure, there’s no question that Impact Wrestling is well below par, which has long been set by the WWE. That said, TNA continues to move forward. That’s not exactly an easy thing to … Continue reading TNA Wrestling isn’t dead yet.