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Welcome to the official website of the Gunship series. Since 2011, readers have devoured the story of Adam and his crew, and now, the Skyla System just got a whole lot bigger. For those of you who are new to Gunship, it’s a series that has spawned three #2 rankings on the Amazon Kindle(science fiction) and continues to thrive. Gunship is not your grandfather’s science fiction, but rather a gritty tale about a fictitious solar system with a heap of problems. At the backbone of things is a very nasty civil war between the two most-powerful factions humanity has to offer. In the background, there are plenty of nasty clans having at it. Vampires who prefer sleek weaponry against a mafia-style family that lives for the tradition of battling with cold steel. There’s also a large race of menacing green beasts who have a distaste for both of the previously mentioned. Oh, and there’s a Zombie outbreak.

Sound like an overload of goodness? Don’t worry, it’s all spread out across several books(seven and counting) in this ongoing series. Dusty saloons and revolvers meet high-tech weaponry and the endless confines of space. The Skyla System is a sandbox where anything is possible. The only certainty is – you’ll be left wanting more.

If you’re not brand new to the series – welcome back! You already know about Adam’s speed with a pistol and Dalton’s knack for emptying a whiskey bottle. In fact, you’re a big part part of the reason that the Gunship series is now challenging some of the most elite science fiction stories out there. Thank you for that.

Either way, I’m glad you found the Gunship Portal. There are huge things coming in 2015 and beyond!

Get the Gunship: Omnibus Edition now:   Kindle   Nook   Paper

Disney Infinity 2.0

OK, so I had to drop the Friends’ look of my blog entries. The folks who handle my online stuff say that it’s killing each blog’s meta ranking? Anyway…

Disney Infinity, folks. That’s my latest addiction. I’m a grown man that now teams up with my two children when shopping in an effort to track down very hard to find figures and discs. I also play the game.


Originally, my daughter asked for the starter kit and eventually got it(after her report card was nice). I honestly had no idea what Disney Infinity was, but, of course, I sat down to play with her as one of those daddy/daughter moments. This game truly reminds me of a Super Mario World meets Little Big Planet, which is awesome. But the draw here for me is the figures.

There’s something about seeing the Lone Ranger and Tonto sitting above my television. Great movie, BTW. I don’t care if it did score horribly…I loved it. Now I hear the Tron figures may make an appearance. I imagine Star Wars too, once the new movie launches. Some of the figures are solid crystal in design, but are very hard to track down. For a solid week now, I’ve been looking for Jack Skellington for my son. Or as he calls him – The Pumpkin King.

It’s safe to say that my wife likely thinks I’ve gone nuts. But I no longer dread shopping. What’s that? You need to swing into Wal-Mart and pick up a few things? Good, the kids and I are heading through electronics for the gold rush of Disney Infinity. I strongly recommend this game for your kids, or, if you’re the type of parent that loves to find common ground with your kids, I recommend it for you. Warning. Disney Infinity can be very habit-forming.


The One That Didn’t Pre-Order


So as I’m sitting here just past midnight, a great idea hits me. Let’s begin blogging and naming every future entry “The One” in honor of Friends. What does this post have to do with the show? Nothing. But I like the show and it seems like a clever idea at such a late hour.

I visited Gamestop recently and I didn’t pre-order. The sales pitch was there, but I couldn’t bring myself to pull the trigger. Honestly, I don’t even remember what game they were trying to get me to lay down $5 on. But as the peer-pressure kept coming, I finally laid it out there with several gamers nearby.

“Women don’t want to be with gaming nerds. Gaming nerds pre-order. I don’t. I play when I have free time, which isn’t that often. Because I have a good woman.”

Crickets. All of the sudden I either became a jerk or a saint of truth. I’m not sure. But as the disgruntled cashier took the money silently and told me to have a nice day, I secretly wondered if the women who’d been dragged into Gamestop that day – cheered for me? Was I their knight in shining armor?

Doubtful. I was probably just a tall guy in a NY Yankees hat buying a WW2 game. But I was the one who didn’t pre-order. I placed a seed of doubt into their heads, perhaps, and made them finally question being put on the back burner for a round of Call of Duty. Most guys rank the games above the women they love these days, right? It’s become pretty commonplace and I believe women have gotten used to being second to gaming. In a sense, they’ve sounded the trumpets of defeat when it comes to warring for their man’s time.

Well don’t give up, ladies. Oh, this Friends’ themed blog is going to get mighty interesting.

iPod Nano (Review)


So, I finally took the plunge. For those of you who don’t know me well, up until two days ago I was rocking on the original iPod. Yes, the 1st generation. And though it continued to play music, that was the extent of it. It was a beater, to say the least. Scratched silver casing and very dimly-lit screen. It was time.

For a while now, I’ve been thinking of grabbing a new iPod. The biggest reservation here wasn’t the price – it was the fact that I only listen to music. I don’t use the video feature, radio stations or the Nike fitness feature. Which led me to the iPod vs. MP3 player discussion. Ultimately, I went with the 7th generation iPod Nano because the original had lasted me so long and was still alive and kicking(if only every once in a while).

As always, the iPod is small but built very tough. Out of the box, my only complaint is that my Toshiba laptop wouldn’t recognize which model iPod I had, which led to a host of problems trying to sync the music I had previously purchased. Why Apple continues to think that most of it’s users don’t own a PC is beyond me? They live in this perfect little world where everyone owns a MAC. And maybe they should. But in the real world, most of us own PCs and it’s quite painful at first. I actually had to go to websites beyond Apple’s own, just to track down the drivers I needed to install in order to make the damn thing function.

With that small gripe aside, the iPod Nano is now working flawlessly. It’s much louder than my original, which is important for us old men. The screen is larger and much brighter, which means that Lindsey Stirling now sounds AND looks like a million bucks. If you own a PC, prepare to spend thirty minutes or so installing what needs to be there. Aside from that, I highly recommend this device of pristine sound!

The top five on my playlist:

Ascendance by Lindsey Stirling

Africa by Mike Masse

Lost in Paradise by Amy Lee

Yea by Joe Nichols

Love the Way You Lie by Tyler Ward

Go grab the same iPod I own!

Gunship: The Ballad



Each time I release a new chapter in the Gunship saga, fans of the series jump on like starving hounds onto a crippled Christmas turkey. With that in mind, I give you The Ballad. Everyone’s favorite whiskey-swigging renegade is back, though this story centers on a cast of new characters.

Can Dalton James put the past behind long enough to join forces with a former Legion soldier? He’ll need to, if anyone plans to escape Geartown alive!

Download Gunship: The Ballad on:  KINDLE   and   NOOK

Daniél Lecoq Editing Services

My fantastic book editor now has a few slots open for self-published authors in need. With nearly a dozen books published, I can tell you that proper editing can make or break an author. In fact, I’ve seen a surge in positive reviews and a spike in sales. Mr. Lecoq is prompt(usually returning a manuscript within the week), professional and has a keen-eye for things a lot of editors miss.

If you’re an author in need of a solid editor, I encourage you to email Daniél Lecoq at


It’s Good News…Bad News.



I wanted to do a short blog this morning and deliver some news, both good and bad. I’m a bad news first type of guy.

Zombie Cowboys, which is a series I had very high hopes for – is dead. I had planned at least nine books and even have the covers to prove it, but alas, I’m pulling the plug. I really put a lot into Zombie Cowboys and would like to thank everyone who has supported the project. But as ZC continues to be vastly outsold by work I published in 2011, it’s pretty obvious that it never quite got off of the ground. Perhaps one day it will suddenly spike into the top fish and readers will demand more, but I’m no longer betting on it. As I wrote the scene where one of the main characters is making fireside coffee while fighting a thin row of Zombies and bitching over them hindering him – I was sure ZC was gold.

Now to the good news. Lost City is officially off of life support! I thought about putting it out to pasture for a spell, but LC has finally picked up enough steam to warrant a second book(and third, because readers know I love trilogies). In fact, I’m currently working on Gunship: The Ballad and as I finish it up, work will officially begin on Lost City 2.    Lost City is AVAILABLE NOW.

I appreciate you taking a few moments to read through the blog while I do what I can to keep the faithful core of readers in the loop. Thanks, and have a fantastic day!

For Authors

If you’re an author out there struggling to find footing in the industry, I’ve been there. For a very long time, I did everything I could to find a way to get my work in front of its target group of readers. Through a lot of hard work, I was finally able to land three books into the #2 overall spot(Kindle/science fiction) and I can help you find success as well. There’s no single bullet for success and if you read otherwise somewhere else – it’s a lie. What I’ve done is compile everything I know into a very short but fantastic book. I can show you(with detail) how to find the group of readers looking for your work. They’re out there, I promise. I’ll help you build an online presence and finally get to the level you deserve to be at. And, best of all, I’ll do it for a paltry $2.99. The price of a good cup of coffee. I like good coffee, what can I say?



The big break you’ve been hoping for is now staring you in the face. Seriously, the content of this book is powerful enough to ignite your career in writing IF you’re willing to do the work. That’s up to you. But the tools are right here waiting to be used. BUY THE BOOK!

With No Regrets



So I’m sitting here this week and finally give Friends a try. Yes, I realize it’s been out there for a while and is popular, but that’s how I tend to do things. If it looks like it’s for me, I dive in head first. Otherwise I get to it eventually. Good show, BTW. Thanks to Netflix, I plowed through each season in around five days.

Leading up to the finale, I realized it was going to be about two characters. It always is, isn’t it? One person decides if he/she should lay it on the line and hope the other person feels the same way. It has certainly been that way in my life. Replace the airport with a parking lot and I’ve been Ross a couple of times over.

Watching this show to its conclusion has been an awesome experience. Honestly, I went into it as a lonely writer and came out of it with the realization that I’m exactly where I want to be. In my case, things truly did work out for the best and, better yet, I live without regrets. Because I’ve always chosen to lay it all out there, I’ve felt loss more than once. Relationships. Friendships. Both have crashed and burned because of my honesty above all else. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I’m actually very glad that I finally(FINALLY) caught this show. It’s a show with clever jokes based around a single meaning. Appreciate the things that are in front of you, and I do. Many folks search an entire lifetime for what I’ve been blessed with. I married my soul mate, have two beautiful children and write for a living! How crazy is that? I thank God everyday for the folks who left my life when I pleaded with them to stay. Without their intervention, I wouldn’t be nearly as happy. I also make it a point to thank my entourage each day. Otherwise known as my family. They make me a better human being.

As a side note, Friends led the wife and I to the inevitable Angelina vs. Jennifer conversation. The wife is team Angelina. I, on the other hand, am 100% team Jennifer.

The Great War



It’s been in the back of my mind for nearly a year now. So don’t be surprised if you see a World War 2 book coming in 2015. It’s always been an obsession of mine. When I look at the picture above, I see a lot of folks and a lot of stories. As a child, it was all about the cool chests that you could order by mail. They were filled with floor maps, toy soldiers and military equipment. As I grew older, my interest shifted to the details of such a large-scale war. Why it happened in the first place? How could so many countries be involved to the point of war?

As most of you already know, I’ve been writing science fiction since 2011. I plan to continue that as well, though this last week has been eye-opening for me. As I’ve rested with a serious case of the flu, I’ve thought about World War 2 a lot. Enough to make me want to invest time into it. I feel like I have to. So tonight I’ll celebrate the birth of 2015. Tomorrow morning, I’ll wake up in 1939 and begin working on a set of characters that may just be the greatest I’ve ever written.

Farewell 2014.

As I sit here battling the flu, my thoughts are on the year of 2014 and what I will accomplish in 2015. Other folks call them resolutions – I call them dedications.

Fitness is something most folks strive for and luckily, I got a jump on this back in the summer. I began eating healthier and lifting weights(which I hadn’t done in a while), and my plan is to continue both. They seem to be helping a lot. The flu may have me down a bit, but I’m kicking its ass as the end result. Without going to see a doctor, mind you.

My dedication for 2015 deals with time management. In case you missed it, I dropped from the grid for several months in 2014. We completely dropped the internet and simplified a lot of things. I found it to be very helpful, while very annoying when it came to work. Publishing writing is a pain in the ass without the internet, just so you know. We ultimately picked it back up and I need to find that cozy grey area between having my face stuck in a computer screen 24/7 and going caveman. In other words, happy trails to everything but Twitter and WordPress. Yes Facebook, I’m looking at you. We haven’t been in love for a very long time and there’s no sense in dragging it out any further. We’re over. I’m dedicating myself more to writing and less to anything that sucks my time away. Except family, of course. They are always my priority.

Finally, as I look back at 2014 I have mixed reviews. Lost City and Zombie Cowboys were two books that I had very high hopes for. And, to be completely blunt – they bombed. Lost City(Atlantis) did show signs of life for a bit, but a sequel is just not in the cards. Let’s not even talk about Zombie Cowboys. Meanwhile, The Fleet and Gunship: The Afterworlds are both sailing high. The Afterworlds is likely the best work I’ve written to date. There are certainly more books coming for both series in 2015.

As a whole, I realize that’s what  writing is all about. Chance. Every single time I sit down to write, it could become the next great thing in science fiction. Or, sadly, it could become the next Zombie Cowboys(tears up). That’s why I love writing. That’s what I find exciting about the profession as a whole. It’s a blank canvas in which I can throw down my ideas, sail them over to my awesome editor and then publish the story. Entering it into the casino game of published writing.

2015 will certainly bring more writing. I’m not sure what the stories will be, just yet, but I will approach them the same way I always have. By putting the reader first. Because at the end of the day, there’s nothing more rewarding than seeing a perfect stranger enjoy your story.