The Atari E.T. Dig


I’m sure you’ve all heard about it by now. A group of guys(hired by Microsoft, I believe) have begun digging up hundreds of thousands of copies. E.T. for the Atari 2600, a game so infamously bad that Atari actually buried the massive stockpile before the video game industry’s collapse back in the 1980’s. My question was…why?

I joked with several friends about the possibility of Microsoft burying their growing stockpile of XBOX ONE systems and then covering them back up with E.T. for Atari. But, all joking aside, what is the obsession? In my opinion, the answer is right in front of us. The 1980’s were just so damn cool. I remember those days. Rushing home in the evening and playing Atari 2600 for a bit as I waited for the original V series to air. I believe that our world’s fascination with the 1980’s stems from our longing to get back to times just like that. I feel like we live in such a complex world that anytime we have an opportunity to go back and remember the goodness that was the 80’s, we just don’t hesitate.

There were no cell phones, mainstream internet or apps. These days you have to purchase an iPod, Blu-Ray player or gaming system, connect it to the internet and then update it with software just to have it in ideal working condition. Back in those days, you slapped a cassette tape into a boom box to carry around, hooked a VCR up with a single wire or prepared to game by hitting a switch. Sure, this day and age has its advantages. But I think a lot of what we’re told is important, simply distracts us from important things. Ever seen a teenager zone out on their phone? Ever see a a grown man waste away in front of a gaming system online? Does anyone else grow tired of having society push internet dependency onto them at #every #single #turn?

It’s just my two cents, but I think the retro movement is based on our wanting to get back to basics, though we’ll never admit it. Either way, some very cool 1980’s stuff below!


This list is just a sampling of why I miss the 1980’s.